2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden
CD Number: 8.557760
Music by: Toru Takemitsu
Music Conducted by: Marin Alsop
Music Performed by: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Number of tracks: 7
Running time: 62:37
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 2006


September 04, 2007

I found this CD by accident while browsing the CD section of my local Borders bookstore this past weekend. Looking at it I thought it might make a good addition to the site and the price was right at $8.99. Upon getting it home and listening to it I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. For me, I love some works by Toru Takemitsu and barely tolerate others. This one is great and worth owning if you don't have it or are just starting to get into his music. The first long track, "Spirit Garden", at times reminded me of the haunting themes heard in the soundtrack to "RAN". I also really enjoyed track 5, "Waltz", which was actually a nice waltz tune. Overall this is a very good CD.

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A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden

  1. Spirit Garden (1994) 14:42
  2. Solitude Sonore (1958) 06:32
  3. Three Film Scores for String Orchestra (1994/95)

  4. Music of Training and Rest (from Jose Torres) 05:12
  5. Funeral Music (from Black Rain) 05:17
  6. Waltz (from Face of Another) 02:26
  7. Dreamtime (1981) 14:35
  8. A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden (1977) 13:52