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Title Destroy All Monsters
Japanese Title Kaijū sōshingeki
CD Label ADV Music
CD Number CD/004
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 30
Running time 39:49
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 2003
Year Movie Released in Japan 1968
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1969


December 19, 2003

This is the ADV Music U.S.release of the soundtrack to "Destroy All Monsters" released at the same time as soundtracks to the latest Mothra movies elsewhere on this site. This CD is essentially a US release of Futureland / Toshiba EMI Japan's TYCY-5353 that is now out of print and also shown on this site .

Taking the movies in release sequence, Akira Ifukube was back after two scores in a row by Masaru Satoh. The "Title Credits" will sound familiar as it's a reworking of past themes. Akira Ifukube does a nice job on this CD mixing new music with the reworking of some past music. By reworking previous music, and not over using it, plus mixing in some new stuff, the music here still sounds fresh and lends continuity to the films scored by Ifukube. Some of these themes here will be so over used in later scores as to get borderline annoying. There are quite a few under one minute cues on this CD but they aren't over done and some segue almost seemlessly into the next track.

If you don't already have the Japanese disc then this is a great and less expensive alternative. My only complaint about these ADV releases is the booklets are pretty much none existent. The booklet only consists of the cover shot you see here and a back page with some credits. The inside is just advertisement for other ADV Music releases. Overall a nice listening experience and one to buy if you get the chance. A good score for a decent film.

U.S. Title: Destroy All Monsters
Japanese Title: Kaiju Soshingeki

  1. The Toho Mark/Main Title
  2. Title Credits
  3. Monster Land
  4. Moon Base I
  5. Unusual Change In Monster Land
  6. Moon Base II
  7. SY-3
  8. The Unmanned Underground Center
  9. The Kilaak Aliens I
  10. Monster Land Escape
  11. Unknown Metal
  12. Discovery of the Monster Control
  13. Rodan Come Flying
  14. Gigantic Monsters Attack Tokyo
  15. Missile Operation to Protect a Capital
  16. Ruins
  17. Godzilla, Anguirus vs. Defense Squad
  18. Rodan's Pursuit
  19. Kilaak Aliens II
  20. Moon Base and SY-3
  21. SY-3 Sally
  22. A Plunging Exploration Car
  23. Kilaak's Entity
  24. Break the Remote Control
  25. Monsters on the Earth Gather
  26. A Decisive Battle in Fuji I
  27. A Decisive Battle in Fuji II
  28. Destruction of the Underground Dome
  29. Fire Dragon Pursuit
  30. Ending