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Title Rebirth Of Mothra 2
Japanese Title Mosura 2
Movie also known as: Mothra 2
CD Label ADV Music
CD Number CD/007
Music by: Toshiyuki Watanabe
Additional Music by: Yuji Koseki
With vocal performances by Megumi Kobayashi & Sayaka Yamaguchi.
Number of tracks 19 (CD lists 16 on back)
Running time 32:40
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1997
Year Movie Released in U.S. VHS Tape - Aug. 3, 1999
DVD: Double DVD, Columbia/Tri-Star #04691, Feb. 2000
Also has 1996 "Rebirth Of Mothra"


This is the ADV Music U.S.release of the soundtrack to the second of the latest Mothra movies known in the US as "The Rebirth Of Mothra 2". These movies are geared more towards children than kaiju loving adults but I still enjoyed them.

We have some really nice music on this CD with a very large orchestra sound to it. I enjoyed the music on this CD and found it to be very listenable. We get action music and some mellow music here that definitely sounds as if it belongs in a children's movie. No hard, sharp edged tunes here but rather rounded, more mellow paced tunes. Quite a few of the tracks will have you picturing flying or floating over the landscape. The hopping, furbee looking creature known as Gohgo has a nice recurring theme throughout the CD. On Track # 8 we get a really majestic updated version of the original Mothra song sung here by the Elias sisters who are not twins. Track # 9 is a standout fast paced march. While the disc actually has 19 tracks, the back of the CD gives us the number 16 due to the fact that trach #7 has two parts to it (track 7 & 8) and track #9 has 3 parts to it (tracks 9, 10 & 11).

Toshiyuki Watanabe has done a really nice job of scoring this movie and giving us a very listenable CD that holds up well as a stand-alone piece. I actually enjoyed this second effort by Mr. Watanabe a bit better than the first one. Also ADV Music has done a very nice job with this U.S. release. If you don't have or can't get the original Japanese disc, then this is a great and affordable alternative.

For additional great reviews by Jeff Berkwits of this Mothra disc, go to: http://www.scifi.com/sfw/issue379/sound.html

Rebirth Of Mothra 2
  1. Opening Title
  2. At the Cape on the Coast
  3. The Meeting of the Little Girl and Ghogo
  4. To the World of Adventure
  5. To the World of Adventure II, Nilai-kanai
  6. The Legend Resurrected
  7. In Order to Save the World
  8. The Mothra Song
  9. Dagahra Arrives
  10. Prepared to Die
  11. The Mothra Song
  12. To the Ocean Floor
  13. Mothra, Desperate Situation
  14. Princess Yuna’s Theme
  15. Ghogo, Together with the Magnificent
  16. The Great, Miraculous Metamorphosis
  17. Great Battle at the Bottom of the Ocean
  18. The End of the Legend
  19. To the New Generation of Children