2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Ultra Q - Dark Fantasy - Maniatracks
Japanese Title: Urutora Kyuu Daaku Fantajii
CD Label: AVEX Inc.
CD Number: AVCA-14939
Music by: Tada Akifumi
Miyauchi Kunio ... theme music
Number of tracks: 55
Running time: 72:33
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: May 26, 2004


October 12, 2007

Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy is a 2004 TV production in the Ultra Series that was broadcast in Japan in 2004. It is a sequel to Ultra Q, the first of the Ultra Series. I have never seen it. The music on the CD is varied with some tracks that will sound very familiar to fans of the original 1965 "Ultra Q" series. While nothing on the CD particularly jumped out at me, except maybe the vocal track 53, it was a pleasant enough CD to listen to and makes for a good stand alone listening experience.

Ultra Q - Dark Fantasy - Maniatracks
Tracks titles from Google translation of web site at: http://www.neowing.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=AVCA-14939.

  1. "Ultra Q" End Title (Q ultra-dark fantasy End Title)
  2. "Ultra Q," Main Theme (Ultra Q - Dark Fantasy main theme)
  3. "Ultra Q," Main Theme (Ultra Q - Dark Fantasy main theme) arranged version
  4. Imbalanced world
  5. The entrance to the maze
  6. Bizarre country NIPPON
  7. Dark fantasy
  8. A looming fear
  9. Fantasy
  10. Dark
  11. Mysterious phenomena
  12. The presence of mystery
  13. Sinister black
  14. Philosophical fear
  15. Reminiscences and happiness
  16. Nostalgia and loss
  17. Classic love
  18. Exalting feelings
  19. Swinging by the warmth
  20. Oasis
  21. The subtle tension
  22. Exciting feelings
  23. Orgy
  24. Children's athletic meet
  25. Atmosphere
  26. A quiet happiness
  27. The morning scene
  28. Fantasy to ease
  29. Fantasy-ups
  30. Fantasy to dream
  31. Fantasy to phantom
  32. Passions
  33. Solemn
  34. Nature
  35. Existence
  36. Dry grief
  37. Incongruously whale on terror
  38. Glorification
  39. Evasion
  40. Beat operations
  41. Max speed operation
  42. Factory
  43. Lilting action
  44. Unfavorable chessboard
  45. Panic
  46. Chaos
  47. Encounter
  48. Space
  49. Hope of convergence
  50. Despairing convergence
  51. Mysterious afterglow
  52. Love's accomplishment
  53. Q Gala Ondo
  54. "Ultra Q" End Title
  55. "Ultra Q," the main theme