2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Kamen (Masked) Rider Blade - ELEMENTS
CD Label Avex Inc.
CD Number AVCA-22153
Music by: Rider Chips featuring Ricky
Number of tracks 4
Running time 14:08
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture September 29,2004

REVIEW August 09, 2006

I'll be the first to admit I know next to nothing about the Kamen Rider series. This particular CD is a 4 track single. The first two tracks are vocal versions and the last two tracks are karaoke versions of the first two. The title song is also used as the main theme to the theatrical feature. The music on both tracks is reminiscent of hair band music of the 1980's or heavy metal. Overall not bad sounding J-Pop tunes. The lyrics are naturally sung in Japanese so I have no idea what they are saying.

The CD also comes with it's own player software so if you put the CD in a computer it will automatically start playing once it loads.

Kamen (Masked) Rider Blade - ELEMENTS
Rider Chips featuring Ricky

  1. Elements
  2. Hot Blast Rider
  3. Elements (Karaoke version)
  4. Hot Blast Rider (Karaoke version)