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All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

Title: Kamen Rider W Original Soundtrack
CD Label: Avex Entertainment Inc.
CD Number: AVCA-29485
Music by: Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse
Number of tracks: 53
Running time: 77:51
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: December 16, 2009


October 05, 2015

Review by John M Emmons

In Futo, the Windy City, Shotaro Hidari and his mysterious partner Philip investigate crimes involving monsters called Dopant. When things look grim, they combine into Kamen Rider W (Double).

Since Shotaro thinks of himself as a "hardboiled" detective, the music involving him has a jazzy-big band sound reminiscent of old detective movies. This is most evident at the beginning of the album with the main theme for the title character, "We're Two People in One."

Yet, most of the soundtrack retains a contemporary feel and uses elements of rock and techno in concert with the big brass sound. The main theme for the evil Dopants is suitably eerie, and can be heard on a number of tracks including "The Family of Darkness" and "History of Darkness."

The only vocal song on the album is the short version of the opening theme, "W-B-X~W-Boiled Extreme." Despite its odd title, the song is very catchy and fits in with the overall atmosphere of the album.

This album is the first of two volumes released with music from the series. This one contains the main themes that are frequently used throughout the series. Fans of the series won't regret picking this album up.

Kamen Rider W Original Soundtrack (AVCA-29485)
All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

  1. Double is Up Now
  2. We're Two People in One
  3. W's Change
  4. Aerial Battle
  5. Deployment of RevolGarry
  6. Girl From Osaka
  7. Happy Futo City
  8. Detective's Rumba
  9. Nerdy Nerdy Detective
  10. Case Is Closed-!
  11. The Detective
  12. Great Pursuit
  13. Investigation
  14. Bookshelf of Earth
  15. To Solve the Mystery
  16. The Family of Darkness
  17. Dopant
  18. Miracle World
  19. Mystery World
  20. Panic World
  21. Gigantification
  22. Battle Royale
  23. Metal Branding
  24. Hard Break
  25. Offensive
  26. Difficult Battle
  27. Hard-boiled
  28. The Latest Request
  29. Detective's Night Fog
  30. Brilliant Clan
  31. Ritual of Darkness
  32. Epic Trick Reveal
  33. Arrival
  34. Attack
  35. Invasion
  36. Secret Maneuvering
  37. Dead End
  38. Spirit of Naniwa
  39. Feelings For Father
  40. War of Darkness
  41. History of Darkness
  42. Secret Maneuvering of Darkness
  43. Genealogy of Darkness
  44. Detective Without Proof
  45. Half-boiled
  46. Double Mecha
  47. Criminal's Feelings
  48. The Truth
  49. Boss
  50. Hard-boiled Detective
  51. Heartful
  52. Purification
  53. W-B-X~W-Boiled Extreme ~ TV Size Edit.
    performed by Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA