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All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

Title: Kamen Rider Ghost TV Soundtrack
CD Label: Avex Trax
CD Number: AVCD-93123
Music by: Go Sakabe
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 27
Disc 2: 18
Running time: Disc 1: 62:17
Disc 2: 62:02
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: September 7, 2016


February 20, 2017

Review by John M Emmons

Kamen Rider Ghost succeeded Kamen Rider Drive in the long running Kamen Rider series. Kamen Rider Ghost is about Takeru Tenkuji who is murdered by a Gamma (or Ganma as some translate it as) and has 99 days to collect 15 heroic Eyecons in order to be brought back to life.

I was pleasantly surprised that this was a two-disc release. Usually, these soundtracks are released as a range of separate discs over a period of time. The album is arranged in a particular order with most of the themes for the Kamen Riders and their nemesis, the Gamma, on disc one, while disc two has mostly incidental music that covers the quieter moments in the series.

As with most modern Kamen Rider series, there are three main Kamen Riders, and each are represented by a different musical style. Ghost's music features chanting and has a distinct Asian flavor to it. Specter's music features electric guitars and a rock band sound, while the music for Necrom is more techno.

My only real quibble with the soundtrack is that it's missing the main song, "We Think, Therefore We Are" by Kishidan. True, there is an instrumental version of the song on disc two, but seeing as a lot of other Kamen Rider soundtracks have at least the "TV size" version of the main song, I don't see any reason for this double disc release to be missing it.

Kamen Rider Ghost TV Soundtrack (AVCD-93442-3)
All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

    DISC 1

  1. Takeru Tenkuji Theme
  2. Kamen Rider Ghost Theme Life Burning Bright!
  3. Kamen Rider Ghost Crushing
  4. Kamen Rider Ghost Turn-Around
  5. Kamen Rider Ghost Superiority
  6. Kamen Rider Ghost Crisis
  7. Kamen Rider Ghost Fighting Spirit
  8. Kamen Rider Ghost Immortal
  9. Kamen Rider Ghost Infinity
  10. Kamen Rider Ghost Agonizing
  11. Kamen Rider Specter Theme
  12. Kamen Rider Specter I'll Show You My Way of Life!
  13. Kamen Rider Specter Scheme - Suffering
  14. Kamen Rider Specter Aggression
  15. Kamen Rider Spector Charge
  16. Kamen Rider Necrom Theme
  17. Kamen Rider Necrom Hear the Cry of the Heart!
  18. Kamen Rider Necrom Hostility - Charge
  19. Kamen Rider Necrom Showdown
  20. Kamen Rider Necrom Vow
  21. Gamma Appearance
  22. Gamma Berserk - Assault
  23. Gamma Destruction - Devastation
  24. Gamma Ruse - Evil Intention
  25. Gamma Perfect World
  26. Gamma Domination - Charge
  27. Gamma Gundari - Bizarre Monster

    DISC 2

  1. Daitenku Temple (Great Sky Temple)
  2. Strange "Sennin" - Dignity
  3. Clowning "Sennin" - Yurusen
  4. Despair - Colleague
  5. Secret of the Eyecon - Strategy
  6. Eyecon Appearance - Enigma - Set Into Motion
  7. Sprint
  8. Investigation - Infiltration
  9. Grand Adonis Light - Darkness
  10. Fighting Spirit - Friendship
  11. Monolith Mystery - Tale
  12. Eccentricities - Impatience
  13. Mischief - Carefree - Fool
  14. Frustration - Comeback
  15. Previous Offer - After Offer
  16. We Think, Therefore We Are (Installation Arrange Version)
  17. Best Start Line! / Harp+y4
  18. GO! GO! GHOST! / m.c.A.T