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All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

Title: Kamen Rider Drive Original Soundtrack
CD Label: Avex Entertainment Inc.
CD Number: AVCD-93123
Music by: Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse
Number of tracks: 53
Running time: 77:50
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: April 15, 2015


October 14, 2015

Review by John M Emmons

Kamen Rider Drive originally aired from October 5, 2015 to September 27, 2015, the latest installment in the Kamen Rider franchise. As the name implies, the theme for the armors and gimmicks of this hero is cars. Like cars, the music for this series is fast and loud.

The album opens with several pulse-pounding pieces. The electric guitar comes to the forefront on these songs and is used prominently throughout the album. In contrast to the rock elements are the more brass intensive tracks that involve Detective Shinnosuke Tomari and the Special Investigations Division. These songs have a vibe that reminds me of '70s cop shows.

This is a very comprehensive collection of music from the series. It is not something you'd likely listen to on a quiet Sunday afternoon. This music is best appreciated while driving, jogging, or any similar activity. It will really "start your engine!"

Kamen Rider Drive Original Soundtrack (AVCD-93123)
All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

  1. Start Your Engine
  2. Start Driving
  3. Tridoron
  4. Tire Koukan (Tire Exchange)
  5. Drive Hard Battle
  6. Three Commanders
  7. Heart
  8. Brain
  9. Chase
  10. Mansion of Mystery
  11. Steinbelt
  12. The Solution to the Mystery
  13. Evidence
  14. Moving at High Speed
  15. Gigantification
  16. The Roimyudo's Appearance
  17. The Advancing Roimyudo
  18. Mashin Chaser
  19. Deadly Chase
  20. Pit
  21. Transform Tridoron
  22. Action Tridoron
  23. Absent-Minded Shinnosuke
  24. Happy Shift Car
  25. Touring
  26. The Great Efforts of the Shift Car
  27. Global Freeze
  28. Roimyudo
  29. Roimyudo's Scheme
  30. Medic
  31. Attack Machine
  32. Tridoron Deployed
  33. Special Investigations Division
  34. Foolish Section Chief
  35. Clamor
  36. Showtime
  37. Lazy
  38. So Because of That
  39. And the Following Are?
  40. Detective Spirit
  41. It's Justice
  42. At That Time
  43. When Not Together
  44. Major Event
  45. The Swirling Case
  46. Mystery to be Solved
  47. Time of Doubt
  48. The Progress of the Case
  49. The Hour of Peace
  50. The Cry From the Heart
  51. The Moment of Truth
  52. The Dream of Each Person
  53. Surprise-Drive TV Edit.
    Performed by Mitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVE