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All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

Title: Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future Soundtrack
CD Label: Avex Music Creative Inc.
CD Number: AVCD-93155
Music by: Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse
Number of tracks: 41
Running time: 54:44
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: August 05, 2015


January 19, 2016

Review by John M Emmons

Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future hit Japanese movie theaters in the summer of 2015 featuring the new evil Kamen Rider Dark Drive along with a glimpse of Drive's successor: Kamen Rider Ghost. Not only did the cast from the television show return for the movie, but also the series' composers: Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse.

With the original composers returning, the soundtrack to the movie does not divert from the established sound of the series. Heavy rock elements usually represent Kamen Riders Drive, Mach, and Chase. Electric guitars are used for battle scenes such as Kamen Rider Mach's battle in "Solitary Mach" or Mach and Drive's battle against Dark Drive in "Something to Protect." Keep in mind that there are quieter pieces like "Father and Child" and "Memories that Follow" that help to balance the album out.

Fans of the series should have no problem recognizing old themes used in "Move Out! Kamen Rider Drive," "Connected to the Future," and "Bye!" There is one new theme that runs throughout the album: the theme for Dark Drive. It's is hinted at in the first track, but is not performed in full until "Dark Drive." It is a dark and ominous theme that seems to overshadow everything else. This theme features heavily in "Enemy From the Future" and "Global Freeze Approaching."

The series' main song "SURPRISE-DRIVE" was used in the movie, but it is not included on this soundtrack. It does, however, have the end credits song, "re-ray." I was not very impressed with "re-ray." The song is only referenced once in the score, so it doesn't have much bearing on the overall album.

Overall, I was really enjoyed listening to this album, and anyone who enjoyed the music from the series should pick up this continuation.

Kamen Rider Drive Surprise Future Soundtrack (AVCD-93155)
All info and cover scan courtesy of John Emmons

  1. Messenger from the Future
  2. Ruse Move
  3. Move Out! Kamen Rider Drive
  4. Gigantic Roimyudo
  5. Past and Future
  6. Dark Drive
  7. Runaway Suspicions
  8. Will One Day Head
  9. Mystery to Swell One's Head
  10. Thoughts of Family
  11. Roimyudo Behind the Scenes
  12. Father and Child
  13. Good Combination
  14. Solitary Mach
  15. One Hand Left
  16. Erasing Created Bonds
  17. United Front
  18. Something to Protect
  19. Urge for Destruction
  20. Entrusted the Future
  21. Enemy From the Future
  22. Promises and Wishes
  23. Memories that Follow
  24. Determination of Shinnosuke
  25. Chasing
  26. Connected to the Future
  27. Super Dead Heat
  28. Kiriko's Feelings
  29. Command
  30. Global Freeze Approaching
  31. New Force
  32. Threat of Dark Drive
  33. The End of the World
  34. Start Your Engine!!
  35. Secret Backer and Fiery Youth
  36. The Force of Drive
  37. The Most Evil Paradox
  38. Deadly Full Throttle
  39. Bye!
  40. Now and the Future and Justice...
  41. re-ray movie edit. Performed by Mitsuru Matsuoka EARNEST DRIVE