© 2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: THE LITTLE HEROES: GAMERA (2006) - Original Soundtrack
Japanese Title: Chisaki Yushatachi Gamera - Original Soundtrack
CD Label: Avex Entertainment Inc.
CD Number: AVCF-22745
Music by: Youko Ueno
Number of tracks: 54
Running time: 65:58
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: April 26, 2006


May 04, 2006 - Larry Tuczynski

I have not seen the movie and have listened to the CD twice now so these are my first impressions. From what information I can find, this movie goes somewhat backward toward the Gamera movies made for children and not the ones of the 1990's. I'm told that while this movie is geared toward children it will still appeal to adults as well. Knowing this and listening to the CD you can understand the toned down soundtrack with soft music on this CD. No garish, loud action pieces but the music is quite pleasant and worth a listen.

The bonus tracks #35 to 50 are made up of various short roars lasting from 7 to 18 seconds. Track 51 seems to be a just under two minute snippet of dialogue from the film featuring two young boys and possible Gamera landing and flying. At the end of the track you can hear them calling for Gamera. Track #52 starts with the Gamera roar and then the kiddie "Gamera March" song we all know from the old Gamera films. Track 53 seems to be just a longer version of track 51. Track 54 is the "Eternal Love" (Remix Version) performed by Mink. It starts off with a harsh techno beat but turns into sweet sounding female vocal.

Overall I enjoyed the CD and am looking forward to the time I can see the film.

Chisaki Yushatachi Gamera - Original Soundtrack
Translations courtesy of John Cassidy

  1. 1973 - Gamera Dies
  2. Main Title
  3. An Event On TV
  4. A Second Helping For Toto?
  5. Mai's Balcony
  6. The Birth On The Palm Of His Hand
  7. Tooru Goes To Sleep
  8. The Turtle Flies In The Air?
  9. Toto's Adventure
  10. Premonition
  11. No Way. You've Completely Changed . . .
  12. On The Way Home - Tooru And Mai
  13. Circulated Warmth
  14. A Lifejacket Is Found
  15. Toto . . . Where Are You?
  16. Toto In My Dreams
  17. Terror Has Come Ashore
  18. Starting A War
  19. The Fight On The Bridge Girder
  20. The Pupil Leaves
  21. Dad Knows About Gamera
  22. Train Station - The Adventure Begins
  23. Zedus In Nagoya Harbor!
  24. Evacuation - Chaos - Crowds
  25. Gamera's Roar
  26. Isn't That Toto?
  27. Miracle Of Miracles ~ The Red Stone
  28. A Formidable Enemy's Attack
  29. Please Send It - To Toto!
  30. Run Just Before You Look
  31. Toto And Toto's Spirit
  32. Rotating Jets
  33. Tooru Watches The Decisive Battle
  34. The Little Heroes

  36. "Giant Monster Gamera" - Gamera's Roar (1965)
  37. "Decisive Battle Of The Giant Monsters - Gamera Vs. Barugon" - Gamera's Roar (1966)
  38. "Giant Monster Midair Battle - Gamera Vs. Gyaos - Gamera's Roar" (1967)
  39. "Gamera Vs. Space Monster Viras" - Gamera's Roar (1968)
  40. "Gamera Vs. Giant Evil Beast Guillon" - Gamera's Roar (1969)
  41. "Gamera Vs. Great Demon Beast Jiger" - Gamera's Roar (1970)
  42. "Gamera Vs. Deep Sea Monster Zigra" - Gamera's Roar (1971)
  43. "Space Monster Gamera" - Gamera's Roar (1980)
  44. "Gamera - Giant Monster Midair Decisive Battle" - Gamera's Roar (1995)
  45. "Gamera 2: Attack Of The Legion" - Gamera's Roar (1996)
  46. "Gamera 3: Iris Awakens" - Gamera's Roar (1999)
  47. "The Little Heroes: Gamera" - Gamera's Roar, 5 Centimeters (Toto) Version 1 (2006)
  48. "The Little Heroes: Gamera" - Gamera's Roar, 5 Centimeters (Toto) Version 2 (2006)
  49. "The Little Heroes: Gamera" - Gamera's Roar, 1 Centimeter (Toto) (2006)
  50. "The Little Heroes: Gamera" - Gamera's Roar, Reborn Gamera Version 1 (2006)
  51. "The Little Heroes: Gamera" - Gamera's Roar, Reborn Gamera Version 2 (2006)
  52. Asahi Sonorama Publications "Gamera Vs. Great Evil Beast Guillon" Sono-Sheet Drama (First Half)
  53. Gamera March
    Performed by the Daiei Childrens' Choir
    Musical Performance by the Daiei Recording Orchestra
    From "Gamera Vs. Space Monster Viras"
  54. Asahi Sonorama Publications "Gamera Vs. Great Evil Beast Guillon" Sono-Sheet Drama (Last Half)
  55. Eternal Love (Remix Version)
    Performed by Mink
    Remixed by CMJK
    From "The Little Heroes: Gamera"