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Title Souvenirs Aus Tokio
English Title Souvenirs From Tokyo
CD Label Bear Family
CD Number BCD 16436 AH
Music by: The Peanuts (Emi & Yumi Ito)
Number of tracks 25
Running time 73:26
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 6/22/2003


September 02, 2003

Review provided courtesy of Chris Beauchemin.

This recently released CD from Bear Family in Germany is a must have have for those who enjoy The Peanuts German recordings. Included are 25 songs, mostly in German with some English, Japanese, and even Spanish songs included as well.

Their German recordings are very much of the pop style of the 60s and is very enjoyable. German songs like Souvenirs Aus Tokio, Aha, and Fudschijama Moon are very catchy and make for an enjoyable listen. However Schwarzer Peter is worth the price of the disc on its own. It's just too cute for words.

I highly recommend getting this disc if you a Peanuts fan.

January 16, 2004 - Additional Info from site owner Larry Tuczynski

I was finally able to get a copy of this CD this week via German Music Express at: http://www.musicexpress.com/. This is a wonderful but odd addition to my collection. Odd in the sense that up to now most of the music I have heard from this group has been in Japanese with some English with only a few tracks in other languages. This CD is almost entirely sung in German with a smattering of English. Some of the songs on this CD also appear on others in Japanese and some of the songs here are cover versions of songs I have not heard on other Peanuts discs. The 23 page booklet is all written in German but from the small pictures and discography on pages 21 - 23, it would seem that The Peanuts released at least 10 records in Germany and sung in German from 1964 - 1967 including the contents of this CD. However from listening to this CD it would seem that Bear Family records has done another great remastering job.

As stated in Chris's review above, this is a very pop oriented disc. I found it to be very upbeat, happy & catchy. If you are a fan of The Peanuts pop tracks and looking for something a little different, you can't go wrong with this CD. It is also be possible to buy this CD via HMV Japan and direct from Bear Family Records at http://www.bear-family.de/

Updated track listing translation courtesy of Morton Friedland at Latitude Zero Productions (June 11, 2013)

Souvenirs Aus Tokio (Souvenirs From Tokyo)

  1. Souvenirs Of Tokyo
  2. Happy Yokohoma
  3. Where Is The Boy Who Exists Twice?
  4. Hey Captain, Travel To Hawaii
  5. This Evening
  6. Nagasaki Boy
  7. A White Pony
  8. Black Peter
  9. On Can't Describe Love
  10. Hi Love, Please Be In Touch
  11. Aha !
  12. A White Ship
  13. Bye Bye Yokohoma
  14. Fujiama Moon
  15. Golden Town
  16. Sugar Sweet Pineapple
  17. You Have Eyes Like
  18. Peanuts Hit Medley: Oyedo Nihonbashi / Romantic Vacation / Tokyo Bye Bye
  19. Medley Of Folksongs
    1. Little Rabbit
    2. Oyedo Nihonbashi
    3. Wandering Is The Miller's Desire
    4. Oh My Dear Augustin
    5. Hana
    6. Cuckoo, Cuckoo Is Calling From The Forest
    7. The Mill Clatters On The Bubbling Brook
    8. A Little Man Standing In The Forest
    9. All My Ducks
    10. Brother John
    11. Little Rabbit
  20. Hits a Go Go Medley (with Caterina Valente, Silvio Francesco, Die Sunnies, Cornell Trio)
    1. Hits A-Go-Go
    2. These Boots Are Made For Walking
    3. Pretty, Pretty
    4. Wini Wini
    5. Tennessee Waltz
    6. Nashville, Tennessee
    7. Memphis, Tennessee
    8. Puppet On A String
    9. Strangers In The Night
    10. Tea For Two
    11. Mellow Yellow
    12. Yellow Submarine
    13. Yellow Rose Of Texas
    14. Yes, We Have No Bananas
    15. Supercalafragilistic
    16. Yesterday Man
    17. A Ship Will Come
    18. Dance With Me Tomorrow
    19. There's No Business Like Show Business
    20. Hits A-Go-Go
  21. The Peanut Vendor
  22. When Are You Leaving Cuba?
  23. Live To Live
  24. Sentimental Journey
  25. Tennessee Waltz