2010 Lawrence Tuczynski

All info and scans courtesy of John M Emmons

Title Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Soundtrack
CD Label Ariola Japan Inc
CD Number BVCL 59
Music by: Mike Verta
Number of tracks 12
Running time 69:29
Number of discs 1 (Enhanced CD)
Year of release/manufacture December 9, 2009


June 12, 2010
Review by John M Emmons

Another year and another Ultraman movie. This movie introduces Ultraman Zero to the Ultra canon along with evil Ultraman Belial. American composer Mike Verta was picked to compose the music for the movie.

The soundtrack starts with a techno remix of the main song performed by MISIA. "Hoshi No Yohni" (or alternately "Hoshi no Yo ni") is translated by Google as "Like the Stars." If you're interested in how the song originally sounded like, put the disc into your computer, and you can play a Quicktime music video featuring footage from the movie.

"Main Title" features the new heroic theme for the movie. It's fairly standard, but it does the job. It's used sparsely throughout the album and appears more towards the end. There are a few quotes from Kunio Miyauchi's classic theme, which seems to be the trend lately.

Verta's underscore reminds me of John Williams at times. Unfortunately, an actual orchestra was not used for the score, and synthesized instruments were used instead. This leaves the final score sounding less like Star Wars and more like Final Fantasy XII.

This isn't the complete score to the movie, but I think they have all the highlights from it. A lot of the tracks are quite lengthy and flow nicely into each other. This is a nice change from the usual soundtracks accompanying Ultraman's adventures.

Here is a link to an interview with the composer himself:


Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Soundtrack
English track title translations courtesy John Emmons

  1. Like the Stars (Hoshi No Yohni) (Gomi's Ultra Legend Club Mix)
  2. Main Title
  3. The Land of Light and the Return of Belial
  4. Attack on the City
  5. Trouble in the Tower
  6. Ultra History and the Monster Graveyard
  7. Old Friends
  8. A Glimmer of Hope
  9. The Fight and The Rage
  10. Go Ultraman Zero!
  11. Battle With the Beast
  12. Reunions and Farewells