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Title: Save The Earth
CD Label: CCP Co.,Ltd.
CD Number: CCP-001
Music performed by: Keiko Mari
Number of tracks: 2
Running time: 8:58
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: December 03, 2006


April 09, 2007
Review and all info about this CD courtesy of Robert Storch

Released by CCP (Character Contents Production) on December 3, 2006, this limited-edition, 2-track CD features a newly recorded version of “Save the Earth” from 1971's GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH, by the original singer Keiko Mari! Although the title says "Save The Earth" on the cover, this is actually an update of the original Japanese language version called "Give Back the Sun", and NOT the English language version which was sung by Adryan Russ for the U.S. dub. The first track is the 2006 remake, followed by an instrumental edit.

Reportedly limited to only 1000 copies, this CD was intended to help promote CCP's latest Hedorah vinyl figure. It comes with an obi featuring a barcode on the back and a retail price of Y1260, suggesting it was sold by itself. However, I have never seen this CD listed for sale anywhere, and was completely unaware of it's existence until I read about CCP's limited-edition Hedorah boxed set (which comes with a vinyl Hedorah figure, a Keiko Mari t-shirt and this CD). The first edition of this box was only made available at the 2006 World Character Convention in Japan, which took place last December. Keiko Mari herself was on hand to personally autograph the new CD and other items. In March 2007, a second edition was offered exclusively through HMV Japan and quickly sold out. Although I cannot confirm just how many of these boxed sets were produced, I do know the quantities were extremely limited.

Considering Keiko Mari sang on the original version roughly 36 years ago, you would never know she has aged a day here - her voice sounds almost like it did back in 1971! On the first track she delivers a very spirited vocal performance and sounds great. Unlike the original song, this new 2006 version is a peppier, almost techno-sounding track, complete with electronic sound effects, drum machines, synthesizers and a funky guitar solo towards the end. Overall, this song is very well done (for what it is), and Keiko Mari certainly sounds like she is having a good time with it.

As I expected with an item such as this, there's not much of a booklet here, just a two-page insert. The front cover features Hedorah behind a pink psychedelic shot of Keiko Mari, and is very nice to look at though. In the end, I found this CD to be a very nice surprise and a real treat, but I just wish it was longer. For people who are looking for the English language version of "Save The Earth", it was included as a hidden bonus track on the CD, Everyone Has A Story: The Songs Of Adryan Russ (LML CD-133), located and reviewed elsewhere on this site. However, if anyone reading this likes the original Japanese language version or Keiko Mari, then I can highly recommend adding this rare CD to your Godzilla music collection if you can find it.

Save The Earth

  1. Save The Earth (4:57)
  2. Save The Earth (Instrumental edit) (4:01)