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Title Ranma 1/2 Original TV Soundtrack Vol. 1
CD Label Viz Communications, Inc.
CD Number CD-RA01
Music by: Hideharu Mori and Kenji Kawai
Number of tracks 17
Running time 46:39
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture Nov. 18, 1999


December 01, 2015

Review by John M Emmons

This is the American release of the first Ranma ½ soundtrack. The booklet does not offer any information about the series or the music besides lyrics for two of the three songs on the album. It doesn't even supply who composed the background music included in the album.

Referring to the credits on the DVD release, the music is composed by Hideharu Mori and Kenji Kawai. Kenji Kawai has gained a lot of fame over the years for his body of work, but it is worth noting that this was from very early in his career, and this music may not be what you expect from Kawai. "A Tight Spot" sounds right at home with music Kawai wrote for the early Patlabor TV series.

The album itself is composed of tracks used in early episodes in the series. As Ranma ½ is a blend of martial arts, humor, and romance, the music is all over the place. It relies heavily on synthesizers. It can be very eccentric at times. The opening song "Don't Make Me Wild Like You" is very catchy and one of my favorite tracks. Instrumental versions of the song appear in "Eyecatch No. 2" and "Greetings From China."

I'd recommend watching the show first to decide if this music is something you'd enjoy. This album is now out of print but not impossible to still find a copy of.

Ranma 1/2 Original TV Soundtrack Vol. 1

  1. Opening Theme - Ja Ja Uma Sasenaide (Don't Make Me Wild Like You)
    performed by Etsuko Nishio
  2. Here's Ranma!/ You'd Better Let Me Handle This
  3. Am I Seeing What I Think I'm Seeing...? / You've Gotta Be Kidding / My Father, The Panda
  4. Me!? Marry That Pervert!? / Life As Usual/ 'Okay' Is Not The Word
  5. Tatewaki Kuno, Age 17/ Now Do You Get It!?
  6. Kung Fu Action Parts 1&2
  7. O Jusenkyo!/ For The Sake Of The Art / His 'N' Her Suffering
  8. You Don't Love Me Back / The Tofu Waltz
  9. Are You Reading My Moves? / Cut To The Chase / I'll Get You Next Time For Sure/ Eyecatch No.1
  10. Bonus Song - Heart Nibun No Naisho (Two-Part Secret Heart)
    performed by Noriko Hidaka
  11. Eyecatch No.2/ What A Sweet Widdle Piggy/ You're SO Uncute / Ranma Vs. Ryoga / You Don't Love Me Back...
  12. Twisted Sister / Concerto In Black Rose
  13. Greetings From China / You I Love / A Tight Spot
  14. Somethin's Out There / I Know What You're Up To
  15. Just So Long As You Realize /Interlude / Flamingoes Take Flight (Ranma's Conscience)
  16. It's Like A Dream / No Surrender / Off The Top Rope/ Hijinks Ensue
  17. Closing Theme - Platonic Tsuranuite (Let's Keep it Friends)
    performed by Kaori Sakagami