2012 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: GS I Love You Too, Japanese Garage Bands Of The 1960s
CD Label: Big Beat Records
CD Number: CDWIKD 196
Music Performed by: Various
Number of tracks: 27
Running time: 77:44
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: November 23, 1999


May 27, 2012

I ordered this disc at Amazon.com about the same time as the earlier one on this site: GS I Love You. It's a good follow-up effort to that first disc and contains more Japanese garage band music from the 60's along with several psychedelic tracks. It's very much on par with that first disc and very enjoyable although it probably contains less cover songs of US hits of the time. I enjoyed the disc and didn't regret picking it up.

GS I Love You Too, Japanese Garage Bands Of The 1960s

  1. Hanashitakunai by The Youngters
  2. Dancing Lonely Nights by The Jaguars
  3. Chu Chu Chu by The Carnabeats
  4. Please Please Trina by by D'Swooners
  5. Himitsu No Aikotoba by The Tempters
  6. Sutekina Sandy by The Carnabeats
  7. Zin Zin Zin by The Younters
  8. Tell Me More by The Tempters
  9. Seaside Bound by The Jaguars
  10. Stone Free by D'Swooners
  11. Space Express by The Savage
  12. Koi Ni Shiberete by Lind & The Linders
  13. Kidotta & Ko by The Tempters
  14. Give Me Lovin by The Carnabeats
  15. Dancing Baby by The Jaguars
  16. Stop The Music by The Tempters
  17. My Love My Love by The Youngers
  18. Kono Mune Ni Dakishimete by The Tempters
  19. Love Only For You by The Carnabeats
  20. Yuhi Yo Isoge by Lind & The Linders
  21. Beat Train by The Jaguars
  22. Bokutachi No Tenshi by The Tempters
  23. Do The Whip The Youngers
  24. Taiyoh Yaroh by The Jaguars
  25. Kanashimi No Bell by The Carnabeats
  26. Wasure Emu Kimi by The Tempters
  27. Kamisama Onegai by The Tempters