2006/2012 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Nippon Guitars
Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974
CD Label: King Records, this compilation Ace Records & Big Beat
CD Number: CDWIKD 297
Music by: Takeshi Terauchi
Number of tracks: 25
Running time: 76:30
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: October 31, 2011


December 28, 2011

A friend sent this CD to me as a Christmas present. I love it. I've played it five or six times as of this writing and it just keeps growing on me. I especially like track 10 "Let's Go Boogaloo". To me, the best way to describe this CD is to think of it as a Japanese version of The Ventures who were very popular here in the United States during this same time period. Even though Takeshi Terauchi denies he was influenced by The Ventures, it seems obvious upon hearing this disc that most likely he was influenced. This title is currently on the Ace Records web site at www.acerecords.com.

For a more in depth review of Takeshi Terauchi and this cd by Howard Williams , visit http://www.acerecords.co.uk/content.php?page_id=59&release=8850 .

Nippon Guitars
Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974
(CDWIKD 297)

  1. Ganroku Hanami Odori
  2. Hoshi Eno Tabiji (Journey To The Stars)
  3. Sa No Sa
  4. The Clamour Of The Sun
  5. Rising Guitar
  6. Touryanse
  7. Sado Okesa
  8. Kuroda Bushi
  9. South Pier
  10. Let's Go Boogaloo
  11. Summer Boogaloo
  12. Inochi Azukemasu
  13. Ake Garasu
  14. Ai No Kizuna
  15. Ginza No Onna
  16. Meigetsu Akagi Yama
  17. Meiji Ichidai Onna
  18. Ame Furu Machikado
  19. Nakuna Kobatoyo
  20. Onna Sendo Uta
  21. Jirocho Sangokushi
  22. Nambuzaka Yuki No Wakare
  23. Tsugaru Yamabiko Uta (Mountain Echo)
  24. Tsugaru Hanagasa
  25. Tsugaru Eleki Bushi