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Title Yokai Trilogy Original Soundtrack
CD Label Cinema-kan
CD Number CINK-40-41-42
Music by: Chumei (Michiaki) Watanabe and Sei Ikeno
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 30
Disc 2 - 37
Disc 3 - 31
Running time Disc 1 - 46:59
Disc 2 - 53:06
Disc 3 - 35:49
Number of discs 3
Year of release/manufacture December 20, 2017


December 30, 2017 (coming at a later date)

Yokai Trilogy Original Soundtrack

    Disc 1 "One Hundred Yokai Stories"
    (Music by Chumei (Michiaki) Watanabe)
  1. Daiei Mark ~ One Hundred Story · Tsuchikorobi (DB1A, DB1I)
  2. Main Title (DB2)
  3. Sake Brewing Song (PS1 (For UP))
  4. Gohei's Death (DB5)
  5. One Hundred Story · Oitekebori I (DB7, DB8)
  6. One Hundred Story · Oitekebori II (DB9)
  7. Yasutaro's Breakthrough (DB11)
  8. "Oiteke" (DB12)
  9. Curse of the One Hundred Stories (DB13)
  10. Shinkichi and Karakasa (DB15)
  11. Yasutaro, Attacked (DB16)
  12. Osen's Thoughts (DB17)
  13. Tajiyama's Trap (DB18)
  14. Jinbee's Death (DB19A)
  15. Okiku's Sorrow (DB21)
  16. Curse of the Shrine (DB23)
  17. Karakasa Returns ~ Nopperabō (DB25, DB26)
  18. Tajiyama's Last Moments (DB27)
  19. The Yokai Appear (DB29)
  20. Yokai Siege Team (DB29I (Slow))
  21. One Hundred Demon Night Parade (DB31A (Slow))
  22. Ending (DB32)
  23. Alternate Take Collection

  24. Daiei Mark (Outtake) (DB1)
  25. Jinbee's Death [Outtake] (DB19)
  26. Yokai Siege Team [Normal] (DB29I)
  27. One Hundred Demon Night Parade [Normal] (DB31A)
  28. One Hundred Demon Night Parade [Alternate, Normal] (DB31)
  29. One Hundred Demon Night Parade [Alternate, Slow] (DB31 (Slow))
  30. Sake Brewing Song [Alternate, For Background Noise] (PS1C, PS2 (For EF))
  31. Rokurokubi's Voice [SE] (Mori's Laughter)
    Disc 2 "Great Yokai War"
    (Music by Sei Ikeno)
  1. Main Title (DB1)
  2. Daimon's Resurrection (DB2)
  3. Daimon Flying (DB2I SO (Slow))
  4. Tragedy of the Storm (DB3)
  5. Daimon's Evil (DB7A SO (Slow))
  6. Daimon vs. Kappa (DB9)
  7. The Yokai Appear (DB10)
  8. Daimon's Power (DB11)
  9. Bad Sign ~ Shinobu's Dead Body (DB12, DB13)
  10. Dainichibo's Gift ~ Dainichibo's Death (DB14, DB16A)
  11. Aobōzu and Ungaikyō (DB19)
  12. The Pursuers and Yokai Depart (DB20A)
  13. Infiltration of the Magistrate's Mansion (DB21)
  14. Daimon vs. the Japanese Yokai (DB22)
  15. Shinpachiro vs. Daimon ~ Hyogo's Body (DB25, DB26, DB27)
  16. New Magistrate · Iori (DB29)
  17. Daimon Possesses Iori (DB29I SO (Slow))
  18. Shinpachiro Captured (DB31A SO (Slow))
  19. Futakuchi-onna and Daimon (DB33)
  20. Kappa's Crisis (DB34)
  21. The Great Yokai Legion (DB35)
  22. Giant Daimon (DB36)
  23. Daimon's Defeat (DB36IA SO (Slow))
  24. Ending (DB37)
  25. Alternate Take Collection

  26. Daimon Flying [Normal] (DB2I SO)
  27. Daimon's Evil [Outtake, Normal] (DB7 SO)
  28. Daimon's Evil [Outtake] (DB7 SO (Slow))
  29. Daimon's Evil [Normal] (DB7A SO)
  30. Dainichibo's Death [Outtake] (DB16)
  31. The Pursuers and Yokai Depart [Outtake] (DB20)
  32. Daimon Possesses Iori [Normal] (DB29I SO)
  33. Shinpachiro Captured [Outtake, Normal] (DB31 SO)
  34. Shinpachiro Captured [Outtake] (DB31 SO (Slow))
  35. Shinpachiro Captured [Normal] (DB31A SO)
  36. Daimon's Defeat [Outtake, Normal] (DB36I SO)
  37. Daimon's Defeat [Outtake] (DB36I SO (Slow))
  38. Daimon's Defeat [Normal] (DB36IA SO)
    Disc 3 "Tokaido Haunted Journey"
    (Music by Chumei (Michiaki) Watanabe)
  1. Daiei Mark ~ Main Title (Daiei Mark, DB1)
  2. Jinbei's Death ~ Strange Paper I (DB2, DB3)
  3. The Pond ~ Strange Paper II (DB4, DB5A)
  4. The Staring Corpse (DB6A)
  5. Hyakutaro's Dream (DB8)
  6. Omiyo's Journey (DB9)
  7. Journey Theme (DB12A)
  8. Saikichi's Raid (DB13A)
  9. Fuji Bathed in the Sunset (DB14)
  10. Jakotsu-baba (DB15)
  11. Signpost (DB16)
  12. Escape Tub [Unused] (DB19)
  13. The Strange Trees (DB20)
  14. The Strange Eight Graves (DB21)
  15. Stone Landmark (DB23)
  16. Omiyo is My... (DB25)
  17. Omiyo's Worry (DB26)
  18. Dice of Fate (DB27A)
  19. Demon Mound Master (DB28)
  20. Hyakutaro, to the Kanzo House (DB30)
  21. Saikichi's Self-admonishment (DB31)
  22. The Forest of Yokai (DB32)
  23. Monta's Death (DB32I (For Second Half), DB32RO (For Fall) T2)
  24. The End of the Confusion (DB33)
  25. Disappearing into the Demon Mound ~ Ending (DB34)
  26. Alternate Take Collection

  27. Strange Paper II [Outtake] (DB5)
  28. The Staring Corpse [Outtake] (DB6)
  29. Journey Theme [Outtake] (DB12)
  30. Saikichi's Raid [Outtake] (DB13)
  31. Dice of Fate [Outtake] (DB27)
  32. Monta's Death II [Outtake] (DB32RO (For Fall) T1)