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Track Translation courtesy of Jolyon Yates

Title Blood Type: Blue
(aka Blue Christmas or UFO Blue Christmas)
Japanese Title Burû Kurisumasu
CD Label Cinema-kan
CD Number CINK-21
Music by: Masaru Sato
Number of tracks 36
Running time 60:19
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture December 21, 2016
Year movie released in Japan November 23, 1978


January 07, 2017

I have never seen the movie this soundtrack is from. The movie was released in 1978. Here is a short review of what the film is about from ImDb:

UFOs appear on Earth, and people who actually see them suddenly find that their blood has turned blue. Soon panic and hysteria result in the new "blue-bloods" being persecuted by the rest of mankind, and eventually certain all-too-familiar measures begin to be taken against them.
- Written by frankfob2@yahoo.com

Having listened all the way through once as of this date, here is my impression of the music. The music is done by a full orchestra. There are a lot of male & female voices in the background. To me, most of this sounds like either Opera or the choir sounds one might hear at Christmas time. Personally I'm not a big fan of either type of music so upon first listen this disc doesn't do much for me. It may work well in the film but I don't know that. It is pretty different from other soundtracks I've heard by Masaru Sato. Hopefully this will grow on me with repeated listens or if I ever get the chance to see the film and see how it works in that context.

Blood Type: Blue
(Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates [missing info coming soon] )

  1. Blue Christmas
  2. Toho Logo ~ Hairdresser's (M-1T1)
  3. Blood Type: Blue (M-2 T2)
  4. Time of Blue Blood (M-3 T3)
  5. JBC's Anxiety (M-4)
  6. Humanoid Welcome Party (M-5 T2)
  7. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (M-6 T7)
  8. Suspicious Scheme (M-8)
  9. NY Minami ~ Seeking Hyodo (M-8a T2
  10. Minami & Hyodo ~ Blue Blood Secret (M-9A, M-10)
  11. Hyodo Kidnapping (M-10EX)
  12. Escape's End (M-10a T3)
  13. Minami's Scheme (M-11 T3)
  14. Blue & Red Abuse (M-12)
  15. Accidental Death ~ Nightmare ~ Saeko (M-13 T2)
  16. Blue Blood Saeko (I Hate Christmas) (M-14)
  17. Oki's Trouble (M-15)
  18. Blue & Red Meet Secretly ~ Blue Bloods Are The Enemy (M-16)
  19. Minami & Hyodo ~ Reunion in Paris (M-17)
  20. Target Shooting Incident No. JA-417 (M-18 T4)
  21. JBC Document (World Christmas) (M-18a)
  22. Blue & Red End Title (M-19 T3)
  23. Bonus Tracks

  24. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (take 1)
  25. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (take 2)
  26. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (take 3)
  27. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (take 4)
  28. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (take 5)
  29. Yuko Takamatsu Arrest (take 6)
  30. Unused songs M-7 T1
  31. Unused songs M-7 T2
  32. Unused songs M-7 T3
  33. Unused songs M-9
  34. "Hallelujah" from the 2nd Part of Handel's 'Messiah'
  35. "Kyrie" from Beethoven's 'Missa Solemnis'
  36. "Gloria" from Beethoven's 'Missa Solemnis'
  37. Blue Christmas