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Title Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 3
CD Label Cinema-Kan/Toho Music Corporation
CD Number CINK-6
Music by: Various Artists
Number of tracks 21
Running time 49:28
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture October 22,2014


February 23, 2015

This is the third of three CD's called "FANTASY WORLD OF JAPANESE PICTURES". This is Part 3. Part 1 & Part 2 are also on this site. All three volumes were released on October 22, 2014 and contain tracks from various movies also on this site. This volume contains tracks from "Latitude Zero", "Atragon", "Frankenstein Conquers The World", "Sanda vs. Gaira" ("War Of The Gargantuas") and "Kessen! Nankai no daikaijû" ("Yog, Monster From Space") . If you don't have the full soundtracks to any of these movies then this is a worthwhile sampler.

Fantasy World Of Japanese Pictures Part 3
(NOTE: Track translations may not be exact in some cases but will be close. The translations were gathered from the original soundtracks on this site, various sites on the internet along with sites that do translations.)

  1. Latitude Zero Main Title (from "Latitude Zero")
  2. Utopia - Latitude Zero (from "Latitude Zero")
  3. Mu Warning (from "Atragon")
  4. Atragon Test Flight (from "Atragon")
  5. Makoto Theme (from "Atragon")
  6. Mu Ethnic Song (from "Atragon")
  7. Atragon Sortie (from "Atragon")
  8. Tokyo Bay and Atragon(from "Atragon")
  9. Volunteer Corps Dispatched(from "Atragon")
  10. Atragon End Titles (from "Atragon")
  11. Frankenstein Conquers The World Main Title (from "Frankenstein Conquers The World")
  12. Heart Of Frankenstein (from "Frankenstein Conquers The World")
  13. Seperation (from "Frankenstein Conquers The World")
  14. Frankenstein Conquers The World March (from "Frankenstein Conquers The World")
  15. Sanda vs. Gaira Main Title (from "War Of The Gargantuas")
  16. Recollection of Sanda (from "War Of The Gargantuas")
  17. Sanda vs. Gaira March (from "War Of The Gargantuas")
  18. Sanda's Emergence (from "War Of The Gargantuas")
  19. Sanda vs. Gaira (from "War Of The Gargantuas")
  20. Yog, Monster From Space Main Title (from "Yog, Monster From Space")
  21. Prayer (from "Yog, Monster From Space")