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Title Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell
CD Label Cinema-kan
CD Number CINK-8
Music by: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Number of tracks 29
Running time 52:47
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture May 11, 2016


March 03, 2017
Review at a later date

Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell

  1. Opening (M1) (MONO)
  2. Signs (M2) (MONO)
  3. Abnormal Behavior of Birds (M3) (MONO)
  4. Hijack ~ Mysterious Flying Object (M4) (MONO)
  5. Main Title (M5) (MONO)
  6. People Left Behind (M6) (MONO)
  7. Awakening of the Assassin (M7) (MONO)
  8. Glowing Disc (M8) (MONO)
  9. Hypnotism - What Kazumi Saw (M9) (MONO)
  10. The First Victim (M10) (MONO)
  11. Vampires from space (M11) (MONO)
  12. Dangerous Sickness (M12) (MONO)
  13. The Second Victim (M13) (MONO)
  14. And Noriko (M14) (MONO)
  15. Invitation of the Disc (M15) (MONO)
  16. Declaration of Gokemiro (M16) (MONO)
  17. The Legality of the Dead Body (M17) (MONO)
  18. Space Biologist's Warning (M 18) (MONO)
  19. Vampires in Broad D aylight (M19) (MONO)
  20. Clutches of Gokemidoro (M20) (MONO)
  21. Death of the Vampire (M21) (MONO)
  22. Fear of Spreading (M22) (MONO)
  23. The Last Escape (M23A) (MONO)
  24. Silent World (M24) (MONO)
  25. Two People Standing on the Beach (M25) (MONO)
  26. Main Title (Reprise) (M5 Re) (MONO)
  27. Ending (M 26) (MONO)
  28. Bonus Tracks

  29. Glowing Discs (EMD MIX) (M-EXT) (MONO)
  30. Trailer (EM MIX) (M trailer) (MONO)