2005 Lawrence Tuczynski

I do not own a copy of this CD, all info on this page courtesy of Robert Storch

Title: Keith Emerson "at the movies"
CD Label: Sanctuary Records Group LTD., Castle Music U.K.
CD Number: CMETD-1214
Music by: Keith Emerson
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 19
Disc 2: 29
Disc 3: 20
Running time: Disc 1: 75:40
Disc 2: 79:20
Disc 3: 55:45
Number of discs: 3
Year of release/manufacture: November 22, 2005


December 28, 2005 courtesy of Robert Storch

I discovered this Keith Emerson U.K. import while searching for new CDs on Arksquare's website and decided to buy it. My main reason was because his contribution to the film "GODZILLA FINAL WARS" appears on disc three. This boxed set consists of an outer box with three individual slimline CD jewel cases and one booklet inside. The first disc is Vol.1 (U.S. Movies), the second disc is Vol.2 (Italian Movies) and the third disc is Vol.3 (Japanese Movies). Except for his GFW score, I am not too familiar with his other soundtracks in general. I can tell you that disc one has a very early 80's sound (especially for "NIGHTHAWKS") and the track 'Playing For Keeps' from "BEST REVENGE" features the soaring vocals of Boston's Brad Delp. Keith Emerson wrote the bulk of the GFW score, but there were a couple of other Japanese composers who contributed music to the film and the soundtrack. This CD set only features the tracks that Keith Emerson wrote for the film - it does not contain the complete score for GFW. As of now, I have seen this set being sold online at Amazon, Best Buy and Arksquare. My copy only cost $24.90 plus shipping and the other places had it for less than $29.00 also - certainly a very low price for a 3 disc import! Below is an excerpt from the booklet and Keith Emerson....

"It was an honour and I was delighted to except the commission. I was originally asked to write the theme tune but when Toho Films heard that composition they asked me to write the whole score. I was commited to a tour of the U.S. and didn't know if I'd have the time. I ended up doing it but they kept on moving the goalposts and changing the storyline. In the end what I had to do was send them everything and say 'Good luck'! I was at the Hollywood premiere last year. I'd expected to hear a little more of my music in the film...But, if only I'd had more time..."

Keith Emerson - "at the movies"

Disc 1 - Vol. 1 (U.S. Movies)

  1. Nighthawks (Main Title Theme)
  2. Mean Stalkin'
  3. The Bust
  4. Nighthawking (Emerson/Mueller)
  5. The Chase
  6. I'm A Man (Winwood/Miller)
  7. The Chopper
  8. The Chopper
  9. Tramway
  10. I'm Comin' In
  11. Face To Face
  12. Flight Of the Hawk
  13. Best Revenge - Orchestral Suite
  14. Playing For Keeps (lead vocal by Brad Delp)
  15. The Dreamer (Love Theme)
  16. Wha'dya Mean
  17. Outgoing Tide
  18. For Those Who Win (Emerson/Chatton)
  19. The Runner

Disc 2 - Vol. 2 (Italian Movies)

  1. Inferno (Main Title)
  2. Rose's Descent Into The Cellar
  3. Taxi Ride (Rome)
  4. The Library
  5. Sarah In the Library Vaults
  6. Bookbinder's Delight
  7. Rose Leaves The Apartment
  8. Rose Gets It
  9. Elisa's Story
  10. A Cat Attic Attack
  11. Kazanian's Tarantella
  12. Mark's Discovery
  13. Mater Tenebrarum
  14. Inferno Finale
  15. Cigarettes, Ices, etc
  16. Inferno Extras
  17. La Chiesa (The Church - Main Theme)
  18. The Possession
  19. Prelude 24 (J.S. Bach, arr. Emerson)
  20. La Chiesa Revisited
  21. Murderock
  22. Not So Innocent (Emerson/Chanter)
  23. Prelude To Candice
  24. Don't Go In The Shower
  25. Coffee Time
  26. Candice
  27. New York Dash
  28. Tonight Is Not Your Night
  29. The Spillone

Disc 3 - Vol. 3 (Japanese Movies)

  1. Harmagedon (Theme Of The Floi)
  2. Jo And Michiko
  3. Sonny's Skate State
  4. Zamedy Stomp
  5. Challenge Of the Psionic Fighter
  6. Children Of the Light
  7. Godzilla Vs. Gotengo
  8. Godzilla Final Wars Titles
  9. EDF Headquarters Fight
  10. EDF Museum
  11. Infant Island
  12. Rodan Attacks NYC
  13. Earth Defense Forces Theme
  14. Motorcycle Battle
  15. Godzilla Awakens
  16. Love Theme
  17. Monster Zero Theme
  18. Cruising The Cirro Stratus
  19. Godzilla Theme I. Ifukube
  20. Godzilla Final Wars End Titles