2003 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD info & track translations courtesy of Morton Friedland

Title: Space Battleship Yamato BGM Part 1
Japanese Title: Uchu senkan Yamato
CD Label: Columbia
CD Number: COCC-12869
Music by: Hiroshi Miyagawa
Number of tracks: 32
Running time: 44.01
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 9-25-1995
Year Movie released: 1977 (or 1974)


May 03, 2003 by Larry Tuczynski

Space Battleship Yamato BGM Part 1

REVIEW: by Larry Tuczynski

As I have stated before, I am not a big fan of Anime so it was with trepidation that I listened to the four CD's now here on the site. The CD's, info and track listings were provided for review courtesy of MORTON FRIEDLAND.

I actually enjoyed the music on these CD's and became an instant convert to the music of Hiroshi Miyagawa. It seems he has done the music in the vast majority of Yamato films and TV series. The 1974 SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO movie was edited into the first STAR BLAZERS series. I am not sure if the music here is from the 1974 or 1977 film/TV series since both carry the same title. Either way the music on this CD is very easy to listen to and has the sound of a film soundtrack. Nothing on here would lead you to believe this music belonged to animation. I can heartily recommend any of the Yamato discs appearing on this site.

Additional REVIEW June 08, 2003: by Chris Nuzzi

This is the first in a recent series of Space Cruiser Yamato CDs released in Japan. For those who are not familiar with anime soundtracks in general, two types of soundtracks are often released for any given film or TV show: BGMs, and symphonic suites. A BGM is a "background music" album, one which contains music exactly as heard in the show in question. A symphonic suite is a collection of a show's main themes, rearranged, re-orchestrated, and re-performed. This album is a BGM.

If you are a Yamato fan (or a fan of Star Blazers, as the show was known in America), this album is a must-have. It contains nearly all of the music from the show's first season, as well as the first Yamato film. This includes the rousing theme song - albeit with Japanese lyrics - and the unheard-in-America end title song. There is a mix of musical styles here: romantic music and solemn, mournful themes peppered with fast-paced action-oriented cues. All of the music, except for the end title, will be familiar to American fans because while many changes were made to Space Cruiser Yamato prior to its being shown on U.S. TV, the music was left almost entirely intact. Besides the main theme, the most memorable piece on this album would have to be "The Universe Spreading to Infinity," which ran over each episodes opening narration.

All things considered, out of all the various Yamato CDs that exist (and there are over a dozen of them), this is the "basic" Yamato album: if you are only going to have one, this is the one to have.

Additional info courtesy of Scott Winnagle

Read your review on Uchu Senkan Yamato BGM Part 1 and decided to send a brief e-mail. As a affecianado of the anime show Yamato from its Star Blazer days, I loved the music from the first moment I saw the show and have tried to acquire as much of it as monetary funds would allow. This CD is for the original 26 episode Iscandar TV series. The movie was essentially a 2.25 hour condensing of the series with little in the way of additional music.

The recent 2 disc Eternal Editions offer the most comprehensive music for Yamato, so long as you have the original releases to complement them. (The two disc sets contain a great deal of unreleased material).

Also, the original 2 disc set for Be Forever Yamato ( COCC 12230-31) is perhaps the best source of music for this film next to the Eternal Edition. The single CD is good, but the music selections are the alternate themes used. The main versions (the REALLY good ones) are on the 2 disc set.

Space Battleship Yamato BGM Part 1

  1. Space Cruiser Yamato Opening Vocal Theme/ Isao Saski & Musical Academy
  2. The Universe Spreading To Infinity
  3. Yamato Sleeps In The Stting Sun
  4. Yamato Launches From Earth
  5. Enter Desslock
  6. Iscandarian Woman
  7. Sadness
  8. Rally Of The Enemy Fleet
  9. Assembling The Fleet
  10. Black Tiger
  11. Search Ship
  12. Romance
  13. Shocking Scarf
  14. Scarf Of Sorrow
  15. Yamato's Bolero
  16. Large River Theme
  17. Crossing The Beautiful Ocean
  18. The SIlence Of Space
  19. Field
  20. Ghost Town
  21. Suspense A
  22. Suspense B
  23. Launch Of The Search Ship
  24. Original Yamato Theme
  25. Yamato's Sorrow
  26. Assembling The Carrier Fleet
  27. Crisis Situation
  28. Warp
  29. Troubled Yamato
  30. Ending Music Selection
  31. Procession Of Yamato's Crew
  32. The Scarlet Scarf (Vocal/Isao Saski & Musical Academy