2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number COCC-13975
Music by: Tatsumi Yano and Pasquini-Batten-Contini
(Tatsumi Yano was also the composer of some of the Sentai Series of the 1980s)
Number of tracks 27
Running time 68:34
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 02-21-1997


September 12, 2002 - UPDATED June 23, 2005

Ultraman fans will probably hate me for saying this but I found this CD to be about one step up from elevator music. What I mean by that is the music is inocuous, pleasant sounding but nothing here reached out and grabbed me. It wasn't a bad CD and there was much action oriented type music but it just seemed bland and did nothing to grab your attention. This would be a great CD to put on as background music.

Lyrics to: Take Me Higher (Ultraman Tiga's opening theme)
courtesy of Elanor Undomiel

Take Me Higher

shizuka ni asayake ga daichi o tsutsundeku
itsumo to kawaranu yoake...

Quietly, the morning glow envelopes the land
It's the same dawn as always...

haruka ni tsuzuiteku kurikaeshi no naka de
bokura wa ima o ikiteru

Far off, it continues inside of the refrain
Right now we are alive

mienai kyou no kaze ni tachimukatteyuku
itsumademo mamoritai sono hohoemi o...

We're stand up against the day's unseen wind
I want to always protect that smile...

Wanna take you, baby, take me higher
ai o dakishimete ima
Gonna TIGA! Take me, take me higher
yuuki dakishimete tsuyoku
Wanna take you, baby, take me higher
kitto tadoritsukeru sa
Gonna TIGA! Take me, take me higher
atsui kodou o shinjite...

Wanna take you, baby, take me higher
Embrace love right now
Gonna TIGA! Take me, take me higher
Embrace courage tightly
Wanna take you, baby, take me higher
Surely you can find your way
Gonna TIGA! Take me, take me higher
Believe in hot pulsing...

arasoigoto no nai ashita o sagashiteru
daremo ga machinozonderu

We're looking for a tomorrow where there is no fighting
Everyone is waiting just for that

bokura ga dekiru koto o tsuzuketeyuku yo
yasashiku narereba ii tayasazu itai

We will continue to do what we can
I want to become used to being nice without letting the fire go out

Wanna take you, baby, take me higher
subete ugokihajimeta
Gonna TIGA! Take me, take me higher
michi o kirihiraiteyuku
Wanna take you, baby, take me higher

Composed by Tatsumi Akehiro and Pasquini-Batten-Contini
'Brave Love' by Barbecue Mitsugi Sada / Barbecue Osada
Performed by the Columbia Orchestra

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Take Me Higher (instrumental)
  2. Monster Revival
  3. Message from 30 Million Years Ago
  4. Theme of GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad)
  5. Mysterious Development
  6. Inheritor of Light
  7. Revived Giant
  8. The Name is "Ultraman Tiga"
  9. Brave Love, Tiga (Piano Version)
  10. Peace to You
  11. GUTS on Patrol
  12. Mountain River Calms (Possibly someone's name, ie 'Yamakawa Calms')
  13. Love Theme from TIGA
  14. GUTS members
  15. Fun Time....
  16. Tension!
  17. Premonition of Invasion
  18. Danger Zone
  19. Lounge Music
  20. Giant Monster Roar
  21. Hurry GUTS!
  22. To the Distant Call
  23. Invader's True Form
  24. Tiga!
  25. Aim for Tomorrow
  26. Brave Love, Tiga (instrumental)
  27. Preview