2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Cover scan courtesy of John M Emmons

Title Special Collectors Edition
Jinzo Ningen Kikaida/Kikaida-01
25th Anniversary CD
Music composed by Michiaki "Chumei" Watanabe
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment
CD Number COCC-14745~46
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 28
Disc 2 - 27
Running time Disc 1 - 72:58
Disc 2 - 76:13
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture December 20, 1997


Review by John M Emmons

In 1972, Kikaida was first introduced to Japan to Jiro, the guitar playing android, and the diabolical Professor Gill and his evil organization known as DARK. Through 43 episodes, Jiro would transform into Kikaida and battle the animal-themed DARK android of the week in his search for his creator, Dr. Komyoji. Even though it did spawn a sequel, Kikaida 01, the series seemed to always be eclipsed by the more popular Kamen Rider.

Both series were composed by Michiaki Watanabe. While his music for both series are very 1970s in sound, there's a lot of lively tracks which are very catchy. All of the main songs (both vocal and instrumental versions) for the first series are here including the main title's Go Go Kikaida and Hakaida's Song, two of my personal favorites. Jiro's Guitar, another favorite, is present on the first disc a number of times in multiple varations.

Kikaida 01's music seems more subdued in comparison and a little more "eccentric" in nature. Maybe because I haven't seen the series that I find it harder to enjoy the music. There is the occasional hint of past themes from the first series, but it just seems to lack the punch of the first series.

With roughly 90 minutes of Kikaida music and 50 minutes of Kikaida 01 music, this is probably the most comprehensive collection available. At least until its 35th anniversary in 2008. Kikaida fans probably already own this album, and if '70s type of music doesn't bother you then I'd recommend giving it a shot.

Another review can be found at: http://incolor.inebraska.com/stuart/collect/kcd2.htm

Jinzo Ningen Kikaida/Kikaida-01
Track information courtesy of http://incolor.inebraska.com/stuart/collect/kcd2.htm

    Disc 1

  1. (Main Title) Mechanical Man Kikaida
  2. Go Go Kikaida (T.V. Size Version)
  3. Dark Destruction Corps
  4. Jiro's Guitar I-Action I
  5. Evil's Flute I
  6. Go Go Kikaida (Instrumental Version)
  7. Sidecar's Roar
  8. World Class Private Detective Hattori, Hanpei I
  9. The Wandering Siblings
  10. Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (T.V. Size Off Vocal Version Type B)
  11. The Machine Empire Of Darkness
  12. Jiro's Sorrow
  13. Insane Dictator
  14. Chase Sidemachine
  15. Go Go Kikaida (T.V. Size Off Vocal Version)
  16. World Class Private Detective Hattori, Hanpei II
  17. Jiro's Guitar II
  18. Dark Robots' Secret Maneuvers
  19. Dangerous Shootist
  20. Terrifying Monster Robot
  21. Jiro's Guitar III-Action II
  22. Evil's Flute II
  23. Kikaida Appears
  24. Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (Instrumental Version)
  25. Ending
  26. Trailer-Use Music [Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (T.V. Size Off Vocal Version Non-Edit)]
  27. Fight!! Mechanical Man Kikaida (T.V .Size Version Type A)
  28. Bonus Track

  29. Hakaida's Song (Edit Version)

    Disc 2

  1. Premonition Of Battle
  2. Hakaida Appears
  3. Hakaida's Song [instrumental]
  4. Kikaida VS Hakaida
  5. Plunge Into Enemy Territory
  6. Saburo's Theme
  7. Wicked Fortress Of Darkness
  8. Day Of Dark's Ruin
  9. Our Kikaida
  10. (Main Title) Kikaida-01
  11. Kikaida-01 (T.V. Size Version)
  12. Hakaida Corps Appears
  13. Shadow Appears
  14. Kikaida-01 Appears
  15. Kikaida-01 (Off Vocal Version)
  16. A Moment's Rest
  17. Forgetting The Battle
  18. Misao And Hiroshi
  19. The Monster Robot Invasion
  20. The Flower Garden Android
  21. Sorrow
  22. Dream For Peace
  23. Mari, Where To
  24. Lifetime Of The Great Swordsman Waruda
  25. 01 Rock (Off Vocal Version)
  26. Ending
  27. 01 Rock (T.V. Size Version)