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Title Symphonic Suite TOWARD THE TERRA
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCC-72005
Music composed by: Masaru Sato (Satoh)
Number of tracks 14
Running time 44:15
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 09-25-2003


January 28, 2004

I found this CD back in December while scanning some of the Japanese music places for CD's and searched on Masaru Satoh. This came up and I had never heard it before so took a chance. It's the soundtrack to an Anime film and I have searched the web and found nothing about the music, only a bunch of stuff about the movie. That's a shame because Tracks 1 & 14 are female vocal tracks that are very pretty to listen to and I'd like to know who is doing the singing. The rest of the CD is instrumental and fitting for an Anime movie with a good mixture of action music and slower, character pieces. The last vocal track entitled "All We Need Is Love" is NOT the Beatle song "All You Need Is Love".

After listening to it I was glad I bought the CD and it's cost being pretty cheap didn't hurt.

Symphonic Suite TOWARD THE TERRA

  1. Coming Home To Terra
  2. The Faraway Planet - My Home
  3. The Awaking Day
  4. The Sleeping Lion - Mu
  5. Toward The Terra
  6. The Young Of Attaractia
  7. Hymn For New Life
  8. The Destined Rivals
  9. Members Elite - Keyes Annaen
  10. Burning Planet NAZCA
  11. Battle In The Space
  12. Jommy Merqith Sin
  13. Conclusion Of The Friendship
  14. All We Need Is Love