2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title TV Original Background Music Collection
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCC-72032
Music by: Music: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Vocals: Ichiro Mizuki (1, 10)
Masato Shimon (6, 14)
Mitoko Horie (14)
Number of tracks 14
Running time 53:10
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture March 27,2004

REVIEW August 23, 2006

I have never seen any of the Kamen Rider series so know very little about them or how well the music works with the shows. This 14 track CD has a combination of vocal and instrumental songs from the various Kamen Rider II series of TV shows. In the series Kamen Rider X ran in 1974 in episodes 33, 34 and Kamen Rider Stronger was 1975 in episodes 38, 39. I enjoyed the CD but none of the tracks really reached out and grabbed me. Most of the music definitely has a 70's feel to it and is somewhat repetitive. If you are a fan of the series and have seen the TV shows then you might appreciate the music more than I.

This CD is part of the Animex 1200 series (#32) of CDs and each disc in the series is limited to 5000 copies. For more information about some of the Animex 1200 series of discs, please visit http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/collectors_den/2005-05.html and http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/collectors_den/2005-06.html

TV Original Background Music Collection KAMEN RIDER II: X, AMAZON, STRONGER
Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates


  1. X,X,X Rider!
    (Theme song) Set Up! Kamen Rider X (TV Edit)
    [When the riders transform they usually cry "Henshin!", but this one cries "Set Up!"]
  2. GOD Organisation's Theme
    [NOTE: Government Of Darkness. In the first 21 episodes the monsters are based on classical mythology. After that they're based on famous figures crossed with creatures, for example 'Starfish Hitler']
  3. Fight! Apollo Geist [GOD's Chief of Security]
  4. RS Device Recovery Fight
  5. Deathmatch with King Dark
    [NOTE: GOD's giant robot/computer]

  7. Wonderful Guy from the Jungle!
    (Theme song) Amazon Rider is Here (TV edit)
  8. Geddon's Theme
    [NOTE: the villains, powered by Super Inca Energy]
  9. Concrete Jungle
  10. Amazon Final Showdown
    Amazon Final Showdown
    Amazon Rider is Here (Instrumental)
    Amazon Final Showdown

  12. The Heavens Call, The Earth Calls, The People Call...
    [NOTE: Stronger announces himself to foes with a whistle and a little speech]
    (Theme song) Kamen Rider Stronger's Song (TV edit)
  13. Black Satan Theme [the villain group]
  14. Look! Electricity Man Stronger
  15. Stronger vs Delza Army [NOTE: the successors to Black Satan, ep26 on]
    Stronger Action (Instrumental)
    Our Brother Jo Shigeru (Instrumental)
  16. Fight, 7 Riders!
    Fight, 7 Riders! (Instrumental)
    (Ending Theme) Fight Again Today Stronger (TV edit)