2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ultraman Powered Sound Daihyakka
(ULTRAMAN POWERED Big Sound Cyclopedia)
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCC-72185
Music by: Kisaburo Suzuki (Composer)
BGM Composer: Toshihiko Sabashi
Narration Cast: Member Kenichi Kai: Toshiyuki Morikawa [Kane Kosugi in the series]
Member Julie Young: Aya Hisakawa [Robin Bliley in the series]
Number of tracks 14
Running time 55:40
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture July 06, 2005


October 20, 2006

This CD is #5 in the Animex 1200 set of limited releases (limited to 5,000 copies). In general, most of the ANIMEX CDs are budget reissues of older Columbia LPs. This one is reasonable priced at http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/.

This is the followup to the other Ultraman Powered CD, COCC-72184, also on this site. Track one is dialogue followed by a rocking vocal track. Track 3 is more dialogue with low volume music in the background. The same holds true for tracks 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 & 12. Several of the dialogue tracks also contain sound effects.

Ultraman Powered Sound Daihyakka
(ULTRAMAN POWERED Big Sound Cyclopedia)
English track titles courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Opening: Enter, Team Members Kenichi & Julie
  2. Ultraman Powered (vocal) Song: Tatsuya Maeda
  3. Ultraman Powered Riddle (Narration 1)
  4. Ultraman Powered's Superpowers (Sound Effects Collection 1)
  5. WINR's Theme (BGM 1) [Worldwide Investigation Network Response]
  6. WINR's Secrets (Narration 2)
  7. WINR's Special Equipment (Sound Effects Collection 2)
  8. Monster Theme (BGM 2)
  9. Why Are Monsters Appearing? (Narration 3)
  10. Great Monster Meeting! (Sound Effects Collection 3)
  11. Powered's Theme (BGM 3)
  12. Powered Whatever Quiz (Narration 4)
  13. Where in This Space? (vocal) Song: Tatsuya Maeda
  14. Ultraman Powered (karaoke)