© 2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCC-72238
Music by:
Conducted by:
Performed by:
Sinsuke Kazato
Patrick Thomas
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Number of tracks 9
Running time 58:45
Number of discs 1
Recorded: 12/4/89 - 12/11/89
Year of release/manufacture March 21, 2007


April 04, 2007

This CD is a reissue of COCC-9745 also on this site. That one is hard to find but this new reissue is done as part of the ANIMEX 1200 series and very affordable. This is #158 of the ANIMEX 1200 releases.

April 20, 2003 courtesy of David Hirsch

For me, this album has been the Holy Grail of Ultraman soundtracks. None of the music ever appeared on any compilation album, only the song ("The Earth Itís Hurtin" CODC-8617) used as the main title in the Japanese version. I was even unable to acquire the laser disc, an abridged version of this album set to images, except for a VHS copy. The DVD of this disc was scheduled and then canceled two years ago. However, thanks to Robert Storchís fine detective work on the internet, he managed tracking down this rare CD for me.

Though presented as a re-recording, this is in fact the original cues for the 13 episode series excellently sequenced into nine orchestral suites without much cross fading. While none of the episodes were specifically scored, Kazato wrote music that could be worked into any sequence in the series.

Filmed in Australia, and the first series shot in English, all the episodes were directed by Andrew Prowse, who would later go on to helm "Farscape". Each half hour episode managed to squeeze in action, adventure, comedy and character development at a break neck pace. Kazatoís score fleshed out what Prowse put on screen and, despite some lame video effects, gave the series tremendous scope.

Highly memorable and perhaps the best scored Ultraman series ever!

May 11, 2007
ULTRAMAN GREAT SYMPHONIC SUITE Re-Issue Review courtesy of John M Emmons

Being the first Ultraman series I ever saw, "Ultraman: Towards the Future" (or Ultraman Great as it's referred to in Japan) had a big impact on me and is solely responsible for turning me into the Ultraman fan that I am today.

One of my lasting memories of the series is the main theme, brimming with triumph and energy. The main theme is mainly featured on tracks two and three. "Jean Echo" features a soft piano version of the main theme. "The War of Deities" is another great track, featuring some great battle music.

Overall, the full-scale orchestra gives the music a nice cinematic feel. I'm glad that this album has been finally re-released so that many fans, including me, get a chance to listen to Sinsuke Kazato's masterpiece.


  1. Prelude (5:47)
  2. Main Title: ULTRAMAN toward the future (6:41)
  3. Great Friendship (5:10)
  4. Jean Echo (5:16)
  5. The War Of Deities (6:16)
  6. Cityscape: Sun & Moon (6:43)
  7. The Sword Of Wisdom (7:43)
  8. The Wriggling For Cataclysm (7:40)
  9. Final: ULTRAMAN Legend (7:29)