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2003 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD info & track translations courtesy of Morton Friedland

Title: Space Battleship Yamato Eternal Edition File No. 0 & 1
aka Title: Symphonic Suite Great Yamato
CD Label: Columbia
CD Number: COCX-31082~3
Music by: Hiroshi Miyagawa
Number of tracks: Disc 1 : 8
Disc 2 : 17
Running time: Disc 1 - 56:42
Disc 2 - 72:14
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: 9-30-2000


June 08, 2003

Space Battleship Yamato BGM Part 1

REVIEW: by Chris Nuzzi

This is the first in the series of recent Space Cruiser Yamato "Eternal Edition" soundtrack CDs. Some of these are sold as two-disc sets (like this one), and others are single discs. Even when sold as two-disc sets, each disc is numbered separately. This set contains what are known as Eternal Edition Files #0 and #1.

File #0 is the "Great Yamato Symphonic Suite." Great Yamato is an as-yet unproduced series that re-tells the Yamato story, and as such a BGM can not exist (since BGMs are albums of music tracks actually used in a show). Therefore, this symphonic suite of "preliminary music" has been created.

The tracks here are quite long - three of them are around ten minutes, and two others are nearly eight minutes in length. The music itself is a mixture of existing Yamato themes and new material, and even the older themes are presented here re-orchestrated, giving them a fresh sound. One can almost think of this as a Yamato "Greatest Hits" album in that it contains music from all three seasons of the show and all five of the Yamato movies as well.

Incidentally, recent news from Japan regarding Great Yamato is not good: the show's name has been changed to Great Galaxy due to legal problems, and it may come to pass that this CD will end up being a soundtrack for a show which does not exist.

The second CD in this set, Eternal Edition File #1, is a BGM of the first season/first movie, like the Space Battleship Yamato BGM Part 1 reviewed elsewhere on this site. Like all the Eternal Editions, however, this disc contains a mix of previously released music and unreleased tracks that have been highly sought after by Yamato fans, such as music from the Planet Beemera episode and the death of Captain Okita (Captain Avatar in the U.S. version). It also contains the version of the main title used in the first few episodes in Japan, in which the opening bars of the theme song are played and sung slower than the rest of the song. All in all, an excellent companion piece to the regular BGM.

Space Battleship Yamato

    Disc 1 / File 0
    Symphonic Suite Great Yamato

  1. Overture A.D. 3199
  2. Darqueen: Queen Of Darkness
  3. Yamato : Battleship Legend I/History Of Naval Space Battles
  4. Yamato : Batleship Legend II/Triumphant Return
  5. Theme Of Haguro Jo
  6. War & Rememberance
  7. Departure Of Great Yamato
  8. Great Love/Scarlet Scarf: Romantic Chamber Version

    Disc 2 / File 1

  1. Space battleship Yamato Opening Theme/TV Size - Isaso Saski & Musical Academy
  2. The Universe Spreading To Infinity/Yamato Sleeps In the Setting Sun
  3. Battleship Yamato's Tragedy
  4. MARCH Of The Crew-Yamato Takes Off
  5. Dessler Enters-Successful Warp
  6. Saturn, Pluto, Then The Asteriod Belt
  7. Scarlet Scarf- Farewell To The Solar System
  8. Trials Of the Milky Way
  9. Planet Beemera
  10. The Tides Of Battle In The Rainbow Star Cluster
  11. Tidal Wave In The Megallanic Cloud
  12. Decisive Battle On Gamilas
  13. Planet Iscandar-Sasha's Love
  14. Death Of Okita-Yamato Return's Home
  15. Scarlet Scarf (Ending Theme/TV) Isao Saski & Musical Academy
  16. Misc. Use Music
  17. Ending Chord Bridges Collection (21 Pieces)