Slipcase Cover

CD 1 Cover (COCX-31154) CD 2 Cover (COCX-31155)

2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Space Battleship Yamato Eternal Edition File No. 2 & 3
aka Title: Farewell To Space Battle Ship Yamato
In The Name Of Love
CD Label: Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number: COCX-31154~5
Music by: Yasushi Miyagawa
Number of tracks: Disc 1 : 19
Disc 2 : 20
Running time: Disc 1 - 62:38
Disc 2 - 61:42
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: November 01, 2000


January 12, 2007

This is the second in the series of recent Space Cruiser Yamato "Eternal Edition" soundtrack CDs. Some of these are sold as two-disc sets (like this one), and others are single discs. Even when sold as two-disc sets, each disc is numbered separately. This set contains what are known as Eternal Edition Files #2 and #3. These two discs feature every single track from the movie in order of appearance.

File #2 (COCX-31154) starts off with a very gothic sounding instrumental and then goes into the "Main Title" in track 2 with a hauntingly lovely female voice. There are no lyrics, just her backing voice. Very nice. We then move into instrumentals of varying types and tempos. Some are action pieces while some sound as if they could have come out of a James Bond or other spy movie. Others are slow evoking sadness. A very good sounding soundtrack with a few repeating themes. Overall a very enjoyable disc.

File #3 (COCX-31155) starts with what appears to be the same gothic sounding music as disc 1 but with a different title and much shorter. The first part of this disc before the Live concert section is very similar to disc 1 but the themes seem to repeat more often on this disc, especially the music of the 1st track. The live concert portion is very nice and during track 19 the conductor speaks to the audience but since it's in Japanese I have no idea what he said.

Space Battleship Yamato Eternal Edition File No. 2 & 3
(Farewell To Space Battle Ship Yamato - In The Name Of Love)

    Disc 1 (COCX-31154)/ File 2

  1. White Comet
  2. Main Title
  3. New Battleship Andromeda
  4. Reunion
  5. Hero's Hill
  6. Mysterious Message
  7. Yamato Decommissioned
  8. Departure
  9. Comrades Arrive
  10. The Yunagi
  11. Yuki
  12. Space Currents
  13. The Sargasso Of Outer Space
  14. Defeated Captain, Hijikata
  15. Telezart Landing Operations
  16. Teresa's Prayer
  17. Leader Desslar
  18. Hand-to-Hand Combat
  19. Desslar's Death

    Disc 2 (COCX-31155) / File 3

  1. Earth's Invasion Begins
  2. In Sick Bay - Tears Of Love
  3. The Earth Fleet Strikes Back
  4. Mankind's Destiny
  5. Our Yamato
  6. City Empire
  7. Cosmo Tigers Takeoff
  8. Yuki's Moment Of Death
  9. Pathetic Yamato
  10. Assault
  11. Resolve
  12. The Dreadnaught Appears
  13. Eternal Life
  14. Two People Are Married
  15. Great Love
  16. From Yamato With Love
  17. Bonus Tracks
    "The World Of Hiroshi Miyagawa ~ Space Battleship Yamato" Live Concert

  18. Overature
  19. Birth
  20. Scarlet Scarf
  21. Hope For Tomorrow