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2003 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD info & track translations courtesy of Morton Friedland

Title: Space Battleship Yamato Eternal Edition File No. 4
aka Title: Space Battleship Yamato 2
CD Label: Columbia
CD Number: COCX-31156
Music by: Hiroshi Miyagawa
Number of tracks: 19
Running time: 73.21
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 9-30-2000


June 13, 2003

Space Battleship Yamato 2

REVIEW: by Chris Nuzzi

Review of Space Cruiser Yamato Eternal Edition File #4, COCX-31156

This BGM disc, the fourth in the Yamato Eternal Edition series, contains music from what is known as "Yamato 2," which is the second television season of Space Cruiser Yamato. The second season is a 26-episode retelling of the film "Arrivederci Yamato," with some changes, most notably the alteration of the film's downbeat ending.

Since the soundtracks to "Arrivederci Yamato" and "Yamato 2" contain largely the same music, this turns out to be some of the best-represented music in the Yamato series: Eternal Editions 2 & 3, a 2-disc set, contain "Arrivederci Yamato" material, and there also exist another "Yamato 2" BGM and an "Arrivederci Yamato" symphonic suite. That makes a grand total of five CDs of music, meaning that basically every note from both the film and the series is available somewhere. If, however, you can buy only one of these, this disc is an excellent, if imperfect, choice. On the plus side, it contains not only the often-used tracks that are available on the other discs, but it also features music that is missing from those albums. Additionally, it corrects a glaring omission from the other "Yamato 2" BGM (COCC-12870), in that this disc contains the Comet Empire theme played on pipe organ, a fan favorite and a track which can be heard in nearly every episode, making its absence from the other BGM both inexplicable and inexcusable. Having said that, the version of this theme included here is very short, making the Eternal Edition 2 & 3 set (or the long out-of-print symphonic suite) a better choice if that music is important to you. This disc, however, contains the rousing Yamato theme song and the wistful season 2 end title song. All in all, if you can only own one of the "Yamato 2/Arrivederci Yamato" albums listed above, it comes down to a choice between this disc and the 2-disc Eternal Edition 2 & 3 set. Get the 2-disc "Arrivederci Yamato" set if you want a better rendition of the Comet Empire theme, but opt for this disc if you want the TV theme song.

Space Battleship Yamato 2 / Eternal Edition File No. 4

    (Note many of these tracks have several cues for each tiltle)STEREO/MONO
  1. Space Battleship Yamato (TV/MONO) Iaso Saski & Musical Academy
  2. White Comet
  3. Departure Into The Unknown- Search For The Mysterious Message
  4. Venegeful Demon-Leader Desslar
  5. War In The Hollow Planetoid
  6. Telezart Landing Operation
  7. Desslar's Imprisonment
  8. Teresa-Love & Parting
  9. Telezart-Scattered Into Space
  10. Heroes Who Sleep On The 11th Planet
  11. Fierce Battle Around Saturn
  12. Death Of Captain Hijikata
  13. Yamato Resist's To The End
  14. Fateful Showdown
  15. Earth Surrender - Final Gambit
  16. The Dreadnought Appears
  17. Love ANd Determination
  18. Great Love
  19. Teresa Forever -Isao Saski & Feeling Free