2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Tsuburaya Ultraman & Godzilla - Disc 5
CD Label: Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number: COCX-31435
Music by: Various
Number of tracks: 24
Running time: 76:08
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 07-20-2001


May 24, 2002

This was my favorite Ultraman disc in this set and since I've heard the Godzilla stuff so many times maybe even my favorite disc of the set period. It has the longest running time of any of the discs clocking in at just over 76 minutes. There is only one vocal track on the disc and that's the very last one and was well done. Quite a bit of the music was action oriented and really sounded good. Another plus for this disc was the last five tracks being done LIVE. The CD also contains unreleased music from various episodes of the Ultraman TV show and they too have an action slant and are well done. Overall, this is a great disc.


Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates!

    ULTRA Q rearranged themes
  1. Theme
  2. Midnight Phantom
  3. Pegira Strikes Tokyo
  4. Reckless

    From ULTRAMAN 25th Anniversary Party

  5. Ultraman's Song (Instrumental)
  6. Science Special Search Party (Instrumental)

    ULTRAMAN rearranged themes

  7. Mid-air Fight
  8. Fight
  9. Sortie
  10. Victory

    ULTRAMAN previously unreleased music

  11. 'Pearl Oyster Defence Order' (ep 14)
  12. 'Space Ray Terror' (ep 15)
  13. 'My Home Is Earth' (ep 23)
  14. 'Underwater Science Base' (ep 24)
  15. 'Monster Prince' (ep 26-7)
  16. 'Phantasmal Snow Mountain' (ep 30)
  17. 'Farewell, Ultraman' (ep 39)

    From ULTRAMAN 25th Anniversary Party

  18. Booska March (Instrumental)

    GREAT MYSTERY STRATEGY previously unreleased music

  19. Shining Path Demon

    From Tsuburaya Productions 30th Anniversary ULTRAMAN Symphony Concert
    Music by ULTRA COSMO

  20. Part 1 - Over The Sun
  21. Part 2 - Cover with Light
  22. Part 3 - From the Dark Abyss
  23. Part 4 - Brilliant Ring
  24. ULTRAMAN theme song: Ultraman's Song