2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ultraman Cosmos Original Soundtrack Volume Two:
The First Contact
CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number COCX-31692
Music by: Toru Fuyuki
Number of tracks 21
Running time 66:40
Number of discs 1
Release date: November 21, 2001


April 05, 2007
Review and all other info on this page courtesy of John M. Emmons

The second volume of the Ultraman Cosmos Soundtrack Series is mainly comprised of cues from the first Cosmos movie: The First Contact. The music is done by the series composer, veteran Toru Fuyuki.

This volume relies heavily on themes introduced in volume one. The first track of this album is basically a variation of the first track from volume one ('Prelude'). This particular theme is used several times throughout the album along with Musashi's theme ('Musashi Sky' from volume one) and the Team EYES theme. One of the only new themes, introduced in track 13, is a song sung by children.

This album reminds me a lot of the previous volume. If you're looking for a little more variety, I'd recommend skipping ahead and listening to volume three which barely uses any of these themes. The next Cosmos movie, The Blue Planet, was given to Tatsumi Yano to compose.

Original Soundtrack volume 2
Movie ULTRAMAN COSMOS: THE FIRST CONTACT original soundtrack

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Now He's Here to Finish It (opening edit version)
  2. The Boy Who Saw Space in a Dream
  3. Those Who Enter The Dark
  4. Meeting, The Beginning of It All
  5. Longing for the Open Sky
  6. SRC, Action Commences [Scientific Research Circle]
  7. Express! 1420Mhz
  8. Happening at the Ruins Park
  9. Puzzling ET Appears
  10. Bonded Couple
  11. Ultraman Exists!
  12. Skies Over Tokyo, Two Moons
  13. Song Performed in Mid Air (Schubert's Lullaby, mixed chorus version)
  14. The Gap Between Past & Future
  15. Light, When It's Set Free
  16. Storm Crash!
  17. Signal of the Struggle's End
  18. To The True Future...
  19. Pledge
  20. The Song ULTRAMAN COSMOS ~ What Can You Do?
    Song: Project DMM
  21. Bonus Track

  22. Opening Music (unedited full version)