2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

(aka: Special Police Dekaranger - Complete Song Collection)
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCX-33056~7
Music by: Various
Number of tracks Disc 1: 12
Disc 2: 11
Running time Disc 1: 48:35
Disc 2: 45:16
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture December 21, 2004

REVIEW September 08, 2006

This CD is from the Sentai series and is a greatest hits CD of a Japanese TV show called 'Dekaranger'. The Sentai series in America is adapted as The Power Rangers. These two discs are comprised of a variety of J-Pop vocal and instrumental tracks by several artists. I have never seen the show or even heard of it by this name before getting this CD. Many of the tunes are very catchy and infectious with a definite hard rock flavor. The vocals are in Japanese. Definitely a pleasant listen and probably more so for those familiar with the program.

Special Police Dekaranger - Complete Song Collection
English track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

    Disc 1

  1. Special Search Sentai Dekaranger
    Song: Psychic Lover
  2. Midnight Dekaranger
    Song: Isao Sasaki
    Chorus: Morinoki Children's Choir
  3. Buildup! Dekaranger Robo
    Song: Hideaki Takatori
  4. Girls in Trouble! Dekaranger
    Song: Jasmine & Umeko with Dekarenboyz
  5. Dekaranger Action
    Song: Psychic Lover
  6. Dekaranger Gymnastics
    Song: Ban (Ryuji Sainei) & Junior SP Choir
  7. Lesley's Blue Moon
    Song: Koeda
  8. SWAT on Dekaranger
    Song: Psychic Lover
  9. Fly Dekawing Robo!
    Song: Hideaki Takatori
  10. Only My Warmth
    Song: Hiroko Asakawa

  12. Dekaranger Action acoustic version
    Song: Psychic Lover
  13. Only My Warmth scat version
    Song: Hiroko Asakawa

    Disc 2

  1. Dekamaster Never Stop
    Song: Isao Sasaki
  2. Mother Universe
    Song: Swan Hakucho (Mako Ishino) ['Hakucho" = "Swan"]
  3. Buddy Murphy ~ Murphy is a Friend
    Song: Mitsuko Horie
    Chorus: Junior SP Choir
  4. Dekabreak Exposed!!
    Song: Masaaki Endo
  5. By Tetsu's Will!
    Song: Tetsu (Tomokazu Yoshida)
  6. Gentle~ Have Faith in Now
    Song: Umeko ( Mika Kikuchi)
  7. Railway to Happiness ~ Like I'm Always Smiling
    Song: Sen-chan (Yosuke Ito)
  8. Hard Rain~ There Is No Rain That Does Not Stop
    Song: Jasmine (Ayumi Kinoshita)
  9. Blue is the Sky
    Song: Hoji (Tsuyoshi Hayashi)
  10. Bang! Bang!
    Song: Ban (Ryuji Sainei)

  12. The Movie Version! Dekaranger
    Song: Ban (Ryuji Sainei), Hoji (Tsuyoshi Hayashi), Sen-chan (Yosuke Ito), Jasmine (Ayumi Kinoshita), Umeko (Mika Kikuchi) and Tetsu (Tomokazu Yoshida)