2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Information courtesy of John M Emmons

Title Ultraman Max Original Soundtrack Volume One
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment
CD Number COCX-33301
Music by: Kuniaki Haijima
Number of tracks 34
Running time 45:39
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture August 31, 2005


Review by John M Emmons

March 26, 2006

2005's Ultraman Max series offers a mixed bag of music. The soundtrack starts off with orchestral music for the sweeping main theme and the tense DASH theme, but as the album progresses, we hear more synth-oriented tracks like "Blue Stone" and "DASH Alpha." The album ends with a piano version of the opening song and then the opening song itself. The closing song is not on this album.

When I first heard clips of this music on the Internet, I wasn't very impressed, but after seeing a few of episodes of the show, I really warmed up to the music. So, I'd recommend trying to find samples of the music before committing to buying the CD. If you're like me, who's actually seen the show, then you should be pretty familiar with the music on this album.

The only thing I was really disappointed with was that the album was only 45 minutes long. Maybe all those Ultraman Nexus CDs with over an hour of music each has really spoiled me, but I think they could have gotten closer to an hour's worth of music on this CD. But if they did that, perhaps they wouldn't have enough music for the second volume, which has already been released in Japan.

Ultraman Max Original Soundtrack Volume One
Track information courtesy of www.tokyomonsters.com
  1. Ultraman Max
  2. Light Of Salvation
  3. DASH
  4. DASH Bird
  5. Invader
  6. Gurangon
  7. Leader
  8. UDF
  9. DASH Mother
  10. Guardian
  11. Ultra Fly
  12. Battle Level
  13. Max Spark
  14. Sleeping At The Bottom
  15. One Man's Power
  16. To The Stars
  17. Blue Stone
  18. Flying Away
  19. Montage
  20. Attachment
  21. Ultraman Max 2
  22. Proof
  23. Concept
  24. Pet Beast
  25. Pigmon
  26. The Drifting Mystery
  27. Ruins Of Baraji
  28. Monster Island
  29. Alien
  30. Random
  31. DASH Alpha
  32. Defender
  33. Ultraman Max - Piano Version
  34. Ultraman Max - TV Size