2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Magiranger Magical Sound Stage 4 & 5
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCX-33436~7
Music by: Kosuke Yamashita
Number of tracks Disc 1: 23
Disc 2: 18
Running time Disc 1: 76:08
Disc 2: 74:50
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture November 30, 2005

REVIEW September 08, 2006

This CD contains every song not included in Magical Sound Stage 1 and 3. With the exception of the 1st track on Disc 1 and track 15 on Disc 2, all music on these two discs are instrumental and contain no vocals. The music encompasses many tempo's and styles with the majority in the mid tempo range. Several of the themes are repeated multiple times over the course of the two discs. Overall I found this to be pleasant to listen to and it could easily be left on in the background while doing other things. Both discs are definitely packed with both clocking in at well over 70 minutes each.

Magiranger Magical Sound Stage 4 & 5

English track titles courtesy of Jolyon Yates

    Disc 1

  1. 1 Super Hero Time 2005
  2. Opening Theme
  3. Today'sLesson Is...
    M1 Subtitle, M2 M69 Brother's Scheme!?, M102 Magic Lesson Begins, M8 Taht Magi?
  4. Magical 110th Delivery Ari!
    M40b Reasoning ~ Rhythmless, M120 Strategic Council
  5. ? Scenery
    M68 Doubt, M54 Irritation, M36, Hunch about an Affair, M35 Unease, M70-2b Footsteps from Hades alternative type, Rhythm, no SE
  6. How About a Nightmare?
    M63 Amaze!, M29 Nightmare's Spy, M37 Uncanny Shadow, M62 Horror!
  7. Incidental Song 'Bloody Friday Nightmare' instrumental
  8. Magic Sentai Action Begins!
    M40 Reasoning, M41 Action Begins, M110 Hades Beastman Rampage
  9. ? Likes of Magic Power
    M43 Urgent Sortie, M27c Infershia Great Invasion without percussion, M73 Run! Run!!, M6 Fierce Battle
  10. Opening Theme 'Magical Sentai Magiranger' intrumental, guitar version
  11. Door to the unknown
    M19 Serious Magi ~, M17b Mysterious Power, M72 Magic is Great!, M39 A Little Mysterious
  12. Warm memories
    M18c Narrative passage, without cembalo, M15c Sad harp & woodwind only, M10b Slight depression, Shinse only
  13. Incidental song ' Peaceful Heavens' music box version
  14. In Darkness Born, In Darkness return
    M74 Magic Guide Knight's Secret, M31 alternative Wolzard Fight, without rhythm, M70-1 Footsteps from Hades
  15. Incidental song 'Magic Guide Knight Wolzard' instrumental
  16. Quest & Destiny
    M120b Strategy meeting, without rhythm, M53 Pass Each Other, M124 Rare Loneliness
  17. Incidental song ' In eternity...' instrumental
  18. Because There Isn't Only One
    M65 Relief, M56 Brokenhearted, M48 Ozu Family's Warmth
  19. Subterranean Hades Great Counterattack!
    M66 Shock!, M31 Wolzard Fight, M107 Magic Guide Shrine Memi, M27b Infershia Great Invasion without drum, guitar
  20. Battle Symphony
    M5b Fantastic Magiranger without drum, bass, M22 MagiMajin Appears!, M103c Travelion Launch! without drum, bass, M25 MagiKing Certain Death technique
  21. Incidental song ' Demongod Composite Body MagiKing!' instrumental
  22. Eye catch
    M2 Eye catch

  24. Magic Toys (Bandai commercial music)
    Magiranger Henshin series edit, Deluxe MagiKing edit, Deluxe WolKaiser edit, Grip-phone edit, Deluxe Travelion edit, Dial rod edit, Deluxe MagiLegend edit

    Disc 2

  1. Opening Theme 'Magic Sentai Magiranger' (instrumental, trumpet version)
  2. Shoot for Tomorrow!
    M46b Ozu Family Members, M126 Feeling is 'Runrun', M7 Lively Spirits
  3. Slapstick Family
    M19b Serious Magi ~ wooden pipe only, M59 Otherworld Friend, M19c Serious Magi ~ alternative type Melo, M119 Ozu Family's Great Disorder
  4. After the Great Uproar
    M71 Inexpressible Thought, M125 Slight Sadness, M124b Rare Solitude, Melo only
  5. Limits Challenger
    M55b What Elder Brother Hates!, M13 I'm Magi!, M58 Burning Rage Rising
  6. Incidental Song 'Fantastic Magiaction!' (instrumental)
  7. The Complete 'Bride of Infershia'
    [All these pieces are 'Movie M2' 'Movie M3' etcettera]
  8. Incidental Song 'Shining Magic Magishine' (instrumental)
  9. Cry from Hades [literally, 'Other World', this kanji is also used in the japanese for 'Pluto']
    M67 Surprise!, M28 Subterranean Demonworld, M38 Fear, M70-2Footsteps from Hades alternative type
  10. Great Resurrection! Hades Beast Empire
    M61 Emergence!, M33 Greatly Violent Giant Hades Beast, M109 Hades Beast Empire Emerges!?
  11. Heavens Rumble! Demonlaw War
    M129 Enemy Attack!, M113 Weird Event, M114 Total Power War! Hades vs The Surface World, M115 Us, No Good!?
  12. Abyss of Despair
    M122 Surprising truth, M121 Defeat, M123 Opposition, M57b Trial, bowstring & voice only
  13. Courage is The Phoenix
    M16 Heroic Bloodline, M112 Sacred Descent, M57 Trial
  14. Blow Open Legendary Power!
    M130 Certain Death!, M105 Magiranger New Form, M104 Super Demongod
  15. Incidental Song 'Make Legend! Magiranger!!' tv version
  16. Cross the Rainbow
    M64 Hard Fought Victory!, M51 Brother's Bonds, M127 Impressive Time
  17. Ending Theme 'Spell [Jumon] Descent ~ Magical Force' (instrumental)
  18. Preview Music
    M3 Preview