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Title Ultra Sound Dendo Series 6 Ultraman Taro
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCX-33801
Music by: Masanobu Higure and Makoto Kawaguchi
Number of tracks 32
Running time 67:42
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture August 23, 2006


November 09, 2013 courtesy of John M. Emmons

"Ultraman Taro" was one of the only early Ultraman series that did not feature music composed by Tohru Fuyuki. The songs were written by Makoto Kawaguchi, and the instrumental ("background") music was composed by Masanobu Higure. Higure's unusual music fit better the bizarre stories and outlandish outfits of Taro than Fuyuki's more serious fare.

"Ultra Sound Dendo Series" was released in 2006 in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of Ultraman. The soundtrack features a few tracks that were not released in the previous VAP record. These tracks are an extended version of the title song, a vocal version of "6 Ultra Brothers," and the song "The Ballad of Mother of Ultra."

The "Ultra Dendo Sound Series" has been digitally remastered, and the sound quality does seem sharper to my untrained ears. This is a solid collection of music from the series and a nice replacement for the VAP release.

Ultra Sound Dendo Series 6 Ultraman Taro

  1. Main Title - Ultraman Taro (TV Size Lyrics 1)
  2. Prologue (The Beginning of the Story)
  3. Kotaro Higashi
  4. Appearance! Ultra Giant Monster
  5. ZAT March
  6. Birth of Ultraman Taro
  7. Ultraman Taro (Full Chorus)
  8. Kotaro and Swan, Brother and Sister
  9. Strange Incident
  10. ZAT Mobilized!
  11. Roar of the Giant Monster
  12. Bright Ultra Badge
  13. Ultraman Taro (Taro's Fight)
  14. Investigator's Victory
  15. Ultraman Taro (Karaoke)
  16. 6 Ultra Brothers (Karaoke)
  17. Music for the Trailer
  18. A Small Pupil
  19. Midnight Monster Mystery
  20. The Mountains to the Sea
  21. Kotaro's Youth
  22. Uneasiness
  23. Setting Sun
  24. Council of War
  25. Monster Destruction Strategy
  26. ZAT Great Bravery
  27. Ultraman Taro (TV Size Lyrics 2)
  28. Naru Mother Mystery
  29. Ballad of the Mother of Ultra
  30. 6 Ultra Brothers
  31. Surrounded by Smiles
  32. Epilogue (Kotaro's Journey)