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ALL info and cover scans courtesy of John M. Emmons

Title Ultra Sound Dendo Series 7 Ultraman Leo
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc.
CD Number COCX-33802
Music by: Tohru Fuyuki and Makoto Kawaguchi
Number of tracks 24
Running time 71:59
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture September 20, 2006


November 10, 2013 courtesy of John M. Emmons

"Ultraman Leo" saw the return of composer Tohru Fuyuki and songwriter Makoto Kawaguchi. While more serious in tone than its predecessor, the music does not reach the high standards left by the previous "Ultra Seven" or "Return of Ultraman".

In this edition, there are a number of changes compared to the previously released VAP album. The "Wunderbar MAC" song was replaced by two versions of "March of MAC." Most of the short pieces and guitar pieces were left out. There were a few cues that I don't remember hearing on the VAP release, but the majority of the instrumental music was the same. The karaoke version of "Ballad of the Starry Sky" was replaced by the actual song. The last song is the full version of the "Ultraman Leo" song.

With approximately 8 more minutes that they could have filled with missing music, I would be hard pressed to call this the definitive release of music from "Ultraman Leo."

Ultra Sound Dendo Series 7 Ultraman Leo

  1. Ultraman Leo (opening T2 & cry + TV size)
  2. The Target is a Star
  3. The Sinking Sun
  4. The Fierce Young Lion
  5. Gen's Youth
  6. Ballad of the Starry Sky
  7. Alien Killer
  8. Space Fortress
  9. March of MAC (Karaoke)
  10. Accident in Broad Daylight
  11. Imminent Crisis
  12. Ultraman Leo - Fight
  13. Beyond the Feelings
  14. Fight! Ultraman Leo (TV size)
  15. The Unforgettable Homeworld
  16. A Strange Visitor
  17. Fun Between Friends
  18. March of MAC
  19. Dread of the Saucer Monsters
  20. Fight! Ultraman Leo
  21. The Day of Leo's Victory
  22. The Hero's Journey
  23. Towards the Future
  24. Ultraman Leo