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Title Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers Original Soundtrack
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment
CD Number COCX-33895
Music by: Toshihiko Sahashi
Number of tracks 27
Running time 73:17
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture September 20, 2006


September 01, 2008
Review by John M Emmons

The then-current Ultraman (Mebius) teamed up with the Ultraman Brothers (the seven original Ultramen) in this 40th anniversary movie released in 2006. Toshihiko Sahashi, who had composed music for the Mebius television series, returned to compose the music for the movie.

Sahashi brought back a lot of themes and motifs he created for the Mebius television series, including his main Mebius theme. Two cues contain instrumental quotes from the opening song and more tracks contain suspenseful motifs that may have come from the Mebius series.

That's not to say that Sahashi didn't create anything knew for the movie. He wrote a new heroic theme specifically for the film. A brief fanfare of it starts the album, and a more complete version of the theme ends track one. You can hear the new theme in its fullness on the last track.

But the icing on the cake is Sahashi's use of the classic themes of Kunio Miyauchi and Toru Fuyuki. It just wouldn't be an anniversary soundtrack without them. Tracks five and twenty one contain medleys of these beloved themes. Track twenty two also features a very brief quote from Masanobu Higure's Ultraman Taro theme.

Sahashi really had his hands full juggling all of this thematic material, both new and old, and I, for one, think he did a great job keeping the music diverse and stimulating. For example, just listen to track four. It starts with a quiet rendition of Sahashi's Mebius theme before going into Miyauchi's classic opening theme for Ultra Q/Ultraman and the track ends with an energetic version of the new theme.

With over seventy minutes of music, I think it's safe to assume that this album has Sahashi's complete score. Unfortunately, any song used in the movie was not added to the soundtrack. I highly recommend this soundtrack to all Ultraman fans.

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers Original Soundtrack
English track title translations courtey John Emmons

  1. Fight to the Death on the Moon
  2. Ultimate Monster Against Ultra Brothers
  3. Final Cross Shield
  4. Main Title
  5. The Ultra Brothers now…
  6. Theme of Aya
  7. Omen - Ultra Sign
  8. Alien Alliance
  9. Fear of Monster
  10. Mebius Against Alien Temperor
  11. Mirai and Hayata
  12. The Glory of The Ultra Brothers
  13. The Grudge of Yapool - It’s Up to You
  14. Promise
  15. Conspiracy of Alien Zarab
  16. Mebius Against Alien Zarab
  17. Mebius's Imprisonment
  18. The Ultra Brothers, Again
  19. Defeat! Ultra 4 Brothers
  20. Courage of Takato – Mebius’ Revival
  21. Recollection of Ultra Brothers – The Valiant Mebius
  22. Appearance of U-Killersaurus – Union of Ultra Brothers
  23. Miracle! Mebius Infinity
  24. V Sign of Promise
  25. Trustful Power Becomes Courage
  26. Ultra-Star
  27. Theme of Ultra Brothers (Main Theme)