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Title Eternal Edition Yamato Sound Almanac 1978 ~ IV [aka Title: Yamato ~ I Adore the Eternity of Love]
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc. Japan
CD Number COCX-37387
Music by: Hiroshi Miyagawa
Number of tracks 12
Running time 45:00
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture September 19, 2012


July 04, 2014
Review courtesy of David Hirsch

When Columbia Records of Japan issued the "complete" soundtracks for the "Space Battleship Yamato" series in 2000, alert listeners discovered that three pieces of music from the second TV series were conspicuously missing. Columbia had partnered with the Yamato production company throughout the original TV and film run and supplied studios for the recording of composer Hiroshi Miyagawa's beloved score and most of the spin-off albums.

Shockingly, "Space Battleship Yamato" was originally a failure during its initial 1974 TV debut, but the success of "Star Wars" three years later led to the release of a 2 1/2 hour theatrical feature culled from the series' main story arc. A smash hit throughout Japan, a sequel film, "Arrivederci Yamato," soon followed in 1978. Though many of the major characters met untimely deaths, this didn't stop the adaptation of the film into a new TV series.

The disco craze was in full swing in Japan at the time of the second feature's release and Miyagawa was tasked by Polydor Records to create dance versions of his main themes. These included motifs from both the first TV series and feature film sequel. Though Miyagawa composed addition music for the the second TV series, three pieces from the disco album made their way into the TV score.

When Columbia re-issued the complete scores in 2000, they were unable to secure the rights, until the new "Blu-Spec CD" series. Blu-Spec is a process developed by Sony Music where compact discs are created just like a Blu-Ray video disc, using a blue laser. This allows for a more precise master than a standard red laser can create. The result is a cleaner sound on a disc that still can be played on an ordinary CD player (and ripped to mp.3 format).

Columbia has re-issued all the original 2000 Eternal Edition set as Blu-Spec CDs in their new "Eternal Edition Yamato Sound Almanac" series. "Yamato ~ I Adore the Eternity of Love" is volume 4 in the series, at long last restoring the three "lost" underscore tracks that were absent from the 2000 set.

Like the other thematic Yamato albums ("Fascinating Piano Yamato", "Mello Guitar Yamato"), Miyagawa's music continues to shine whatever the format.

Eternal Edition Yamato Sound Almanac 1978 ~ IV [aka Title: Yamato ~ I Adore the Eternity of Love]

  1. Yamato Main Theme
  2. White Comet
  3. Scarlet Scarf
  4. Iscandar
  5. Teresa's Sigh
  6. The One On Your Mind
  7. The Andromeda
  8. Attack Theme
  9. Rivals
  10. Dessler's (aka Dessock) Theme
  11. Yuki's (aka Nova) Demise
  12. Love Grown Strong