2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Salsa Peanuts
CD Label: Columbia Japan
CD Number: CODA-432
Music by: Salsa Peanuts
Number of tracks: 4
Running time: Approx. 15:00
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1994


June 4, 2002

This is a very different 4 song 3" single that features the "Song Of Mothra" and "Tintarella Di Luna" that was originally sung by Emi & Yumi Ito known as the popular singing duo The Peanuts. This recording is done by two other women known as the Salsa Peanuts. While the songs and music are pretty much the same as the originals, here they are done with a Latin Salsa flavor. Surprisingly, the music on this disc sounds very good and made me wish I could have found the full length CD by these artists.

U.S. Title: Salsa Peanuts

  1. Tintarella Di Luna
  2. Song Of Mothra
  3. Tintarella Di Luna (Instrumental)
  4. Song Of Mothra (Instrumental)