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Title Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc. Japan
CD Number COZX-321-2
Music by: Toshihiko Sahashi
(track 37 composed by Toru Fuyuki)
Number of tracks 45
Running time 75:50
Number of discs 2 - 1 CD, 1 DVD
Year of release/manufacture September 24, 2008


All info on this page courtesy of John M Emmons

October 17, 2009
Review courtesy of John M Emmons

2008's "Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers" shares a lot with its predecessor, "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers," including composer Toshihiko Sahashi. Ultraman Mebius again teams up with the original 4 Ultra Brothers to fight evil aliens, only this time they are joined by Ultramen Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia.

Like the aforementioned "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers," this score focused mostly on one new theme, plus a number of old themes. The new theme, which is used frequently, is very flexible, providing the quiet opening of the album to bold, heroic statements in the second half of the album. While it seems overused in the last quarter of the album, the theme does provide the score with a lot of emotion.

Sahashi's Mebius theme (from the Mebius television series) was brought back as well as his theme for the Ultra Brothers which was created for the previous movie. Both of these themes are used sparingly throughout the score. A short cue from Ultraman Tiga is present in "Ultraman Tiga Appeared!"

The highlight of the album is "Stand! Showa Ultras." This is a suite using the original themes from Ultraman and Ultra Seven and was composed by none other than Toru Fuyuki.

The overall feel of the album is similar to Sahashi's score to "Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers," so if you like that, you'd probably like this music as well. There are a few odd tracks, like the Hawaiian song, that will take you by surprise at your first listen.

The soundtrack comes with a bonus Region 2 DVD in a bulky jewel case.

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers (COZX-321-2)

Translations courtesy of John M Emmons
  1. Prologue
  2. The Dream of The Boy
  3. Girl with Red Shoes - Daigo's Theme
  4. Foretelling of an Incident
  5. An Eerie Mirage - Main Title
  6. Ultra Brothers Dream ...... Conflict?
  7. Yokohama Tourism
  8. Daigo's Sense of Déjà Vu
  9. An Encounter
  10. TV News
  11. Anxiety
  12. Each Dream
  13. An Incident Happened to a Nice Friend
  14. Promise of the Beach
  15. Ultraman Mebius vs King Gesura
  16. Mirai and Daigo
  17. The Warning of The Girl
  18. Demand for the Ultra Brothers
  19. Admiration
  20. Ultraman Mebius vs King Pandon
  21. The Trap of Super Alien Hipporit
  22. The Misery of Yokohama
  23. The Wishes of the Girl
  24. Rena and Daigo
  25. The Appearance of King Goldras
  26. 2 Monsters Attack Yokohama
  27. Thoughts of Rena
  28. Yokohama's Imminent Crisis
  29. In Search of Answers ...
  30. Believe in Ultraman
  31. Ultraman Tiga Appeared!
  32. And ... Dyna, Gaia!
  33. Tiga's Glory, Dyna & Gaia
  34. At The Time of Victory
  35. The Monster Giga Chimera, The Ultimate Amalgamation
  36. Tiga's Crisis
  37. Stand! Showa Ultras
  38. Ultra Brothers' Theme
  39. Final Battle
  40. The Curse of The Silhouette
  41. The Light That Doesn't Fade
  42. The Return of the Sunrise
  43. The Dream Came True
  44. The Power to Believe
  45. Let's Go! Star Ultra