2005 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ultraman Nexus Original Soundtrack 2: The Next Chapter
CD Label Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc. Japan
CD Number COZX-131~132
Music by: Kenji Kawai
Number of tracks 50
Running time 66:45
Number of discs 1 CD & 1 Region 2 DVD
Year of release/manufacture March 30, 2005


I do not own a copy of this CD. All info on this page (except track translations) courtesy of John M Emmons

August 03, 2005
Review courtesy of John M Emmons

The second volume of Ultraman Nexus Music is divided into two categories. The first half of the album is mainly peaceful and lighthearted pieces, while the second half focuses on foreboding ambient music. Many of the compositions have more emphasis on the synthesizer and can come off sounding like video game music. I found the second half of the album much more interesting to listen to,because of its darker tone compared with the almost childish happy music in the first half.

Most of the themes from the previous album are present in new "piano" or "solo" versions. Surprisingly, there isn't much new monster rampaging or battle music which is a big shame. The few new versions of the Night Raiders theme are very quiet, though the piano version "Each Thought" is a standout piece.

As for the main Nexus theme, "New Beginning" is great track, starting with a quiet version of the theme before quickly reprising "Appearance" (from the first album) and then going into a full-blown version of the theme. The electric guitar version in "Voice to Call" and the track "Full Throttle," which sounds like "Heroic" with a much faster tempo, are also highlights of this volume. There are no opening or closing songs included just like the previous album, but an instrumental version of Fight the Future can be found at the end.

Overall, I'd probably recommend volume one over two because it has a greater diversity of music. Fans of Ultraman Nexus and Kenji Kawai will still pick this, despite it being less energetic than the first, to hear the rest of Kenji Kawai's score for the series. Since I'm a fan of both, I can say that I really enjoyed listening to this volume, and it's a welcomed addition to volume one.

This CD comes with a booklet, a Region 2 DVD, all contained in a bulky jewel case.

Ultraman Nexus Original Soundtrack 2: The Next Chapter

Translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates
  1. Nexus ~ New Beginning
  2. Ren's Theme ~ Tenderness (Ren = 'compassion')
  3. Ren's Theme ~ Fun Park
  4. Ren & Oshiro ~ Youth
  5. Sorrowful Future
  6. Who is The Guardian?
  7. Cry from the Darkness
  8. Crisis Situation Begins
  9. Night Raider ~ Distress
  10. Nexus ~ Voice to Call
  11. Peaceful Early Afternoon
  12. Ren & Oshiro ~ Comical
  13. Ren's Theme ~ A Love Story
  14. Sea of Forgetting
  15. Abhorrent Past
  16. TLT ~ Bridge
  17. Omen
  18. Extinguished Man's Shadow
  19. Moment of Recurring Memory
  20. Riko's Theme ~ Someday
  21. Komon's Theme ~ Solo Version
  22. Riko's Theme ~ Sentiment
  23. Riko's Theme ~ Bridge
  24. Requiem ~ Piano Version
  25. Nagi's Theme ~ Bridge
  26. DeJa Vu
  27. Light Dazzling Halo
  28. One's Eyes
  29. Strange Man's Shadow
  30. Pursuit
  31. Closed Way
  32. Impact
  33. Infestation ~ Solo Version
  34. Pressure
  35. Infestation ~ Bridge
  36. Sign of Something Wicked
  37. Space Beast ~ Hiding
  38. Fearful Truth
  39. Nightmare
  40. Unreal Reality
  41. Nagi's Theme ~ Solo Version
  42. Himeya Theme ~ Solo Version
    (Himeya = 'Princess Arrow'. Name of a ship?)
  43. Dark Controller
  44. Night Raider ~ Each Thought
  45. Nexus ~ Dialog
  46. Who is The Guardian? ~ Version II
  47. Slaughterer, Revival
  48. Nexus ~ Full Throttle
  49. To the Future
  50. Fight the Future ~ Instrumental

    Making of ULTRAMAN NEXUS music

  1. Kenji Kawai interview
  2. Hiroko Shibuya(?) Producer interview
  3. Publicity