© 2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Star Maidens, The Girls From Outer Space TV Series Original Soundtrack
CD Label Volcano
CD Number CPC8-5105
Music by: Berry Lipman & Orchestra
Ali N. Askin (tracks 27 & 28)
Number of tracks 28
Running time 64:28
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture June 14, 1999


October 11, 2006

This CD is the original soundtrack to the 13 episode British-German sci-fi series Star Maidens, The Girls From Outer Space airing during 1976-77. The music is interesting and campy, sounding like a 1970's B movie. I have never seen this series but it supposedly aired between the first and second season's of "Space: 1999". While certainly not a bad stand alone listening experience, it does come across somewhat like elevator music. Something innocuous that you might have playing in the background instead of sitting and giving a serious listen. What few vocals there are and some track titles are in German which makes sense since this was a combined British/German production. Track 1 & 27 have a bit of female moaning making it sound partly like this is from a porno film.

The packaging is a bit different from normal. The scan of the cover above is NOT what it really looks like. The CD has a half size fold out booklet inside the jewel case and an outer wrapper about half the normal booklet size so that it wraps around half the CD case. Also it is not black but instead has a foil, mirror finish with white lettering. Because of the mirror finish all the light from the scanner feeds back creating the black image you see above.

Star Maidens, The Girls From Outer Space TV Series Original Soundtrack

  1. Star Maidens Theme
  2. Medora Escape
  3. Die Erde!
  4. Sex World
  5. Akam On The Move
  6. Der Schlüssel Zum Herrschen
  7. Planet Medora
  8. Attention: Runaways
  9. Highway Patrol
  10. Outsmart The Maidens
  11. Medora Romance
  12. Star Maidens In Love
  13. Twangy Brisba
  14. Champagner!
  15. Earth Party
  16. Proton Storm
  17. Starship Strut
  18. Act Of Threat
  19. The End Of Time
  20. Space Waltz
  21. Sowas Verruecktes...
  22. Earth Romance
  23. Saving Two Planets
  24. Medora Party
  25. Star Maidens End Theme
  26. Earth Encounters
  27. Star Maidens Main Theme (Remix)
  28. Slice Of Time