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Title: Works For Film
CD Label: Salida
CD Number: DESL-001-004
Music by: Sei Ikeno
Number of tracks: Disc 1 - 44
Disc 2 - 41
Disc 3 - 36
Disc 4 - 42
Running time: Disc 1 - 68:34
Disc 2 - 68:48
Disc 3 - 66:12
Disc 4 - 64:11
Number of discs: 4
Year of release/manufacture: November 30, 2004


July 29, 2008

This is an impressive four CD set. It encompasses a large part of the output by Sei Ikeno. One of the things I found puzzling about this set is that the back tray liner says all four discs are in MONO. If it IS all mono then it's even more impressive sounding. Playing this back on my expensive home system I would have sworn I heard some seperation on some tracks that to me would indicate stereo.

IMDb (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0407502/) shows Sei Ikeno also known as Shigeru Ikeno. It seems he started his career sometime in the early 1950's and is listed as an assistant to Akira Ifukube on the original 1954 "Gojira" film. His first solo film credit as composer is 1956's Yoru no kawa ... aka River of the Night (International: English title). The last credit listed is 1984's Kesho ... aka Make-up (USA) . IMDb lists a total of 81 credits including Y˘kai daisens˘ (1968) (as Shigeru Ikeno) ... aka Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare (USA). Tracks 14-42 on Disc 4 are from this film. It also lists him as composer for a couple of the Zatoichi films made in the 1960's. Sei Ikeno was born on February 24, 1931 and died on August 13, 2004.

From listening to this disc you can hear a variety of styles that remind me a lot of compositions by Masaru Sato. There are a lot of jazz sounding tracks as well as light popular types and some that would fit well in fantasy type films or action monster movies. So it would appear that even though he was an early assistant to Akira Ifukube, Mr. Ifukube's style and marches did not rub off on him.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable stand alone listening experience.

Works For Film
This is a listing of what movies the tracks are from. The titles themselves are take numbers such as DB6, DB15, etc.

Disc 1 - [Kozaburo Yoshimura Directed Films]

  1. Yonju hassai no teiko (1956)
  2. Yoru no cho (Leaves of Night) (1957)
  3. Yoru no sugao (1958)
  4. Konki (Age of Marriage, The)(1961)
  5. Katei no jijou (A Family Matter) (1962)
  6. Onna no kunsho (1961)

Disc 2

    [Yuzo Kawashima Directed Films]

  1. Shitoyakana kedamono (Graceful Brute, The) (1962)
  2. Hakoneyama (Mt. Hakone) (1962)
  3. Ichi ka bachi ka (1963)
  4. [Yasuzo Masumura Directed Films]

  5. Tadare (1962)
  6. Gurentai junjyoha (Hooligans, Pure Thoughts)(1963)

Disc 3

    [Yasuzo Masumura Directed Films]

  1. Gurentai junjyoha (Hooligans, Pure Thoughts)(1963)
  2. [Satsuo Yamamoto Directed Films]

  3. Akai Mizu (Red Water)(1963)
  4. Kizudarake no sanga (1964)
  5. Shiroi Kyoto (Ivory Tower, The) (1966)

Disc 4

    [Yoshiyuki Kuroda Directed Films]

  1. Yokai daisenso (Big Monster War) (1968) Complete Soundtrack
  2. [Yasuzo Masumura Directed Films]

  3. Black Test Car, The(1962)
  4. Akai tenshi(Red Angel)(1966)