2007 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Wait Until Dark - The Original Sound Track
(Daiteiden no yoru ni)
CD Label Ewe Records
CD Number EWCD-0095
Music Composed by: Naruyoshi Kikuchi
Number of tracks 28
Running time 54:52
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture November 10, 2005


January 10, 2007

If you enjoy Jazz then you will really enjoy this CD. Even if you only occasionally foray into Jazz music I think you'll enjoy this first effort at scoring a movie by Naruyoshi Kikuchi. There is a wide variety here both of styles, tempos and instruments but I thoroughly enjoyed all the tracks on this CD even though I was surprised to hear an instrumental version of John Lennon's "Happy X'mas (War Is Over)". Having never seen this 2005 Japanese movie called "Daiteiden no yoru ni", "Wait Until Dark" in English, I have no idea how that song fits into a film about a Tokyo blackout. The CD doesn't need the visuals as it's a great listening experience on it's own.

Wait Until Dark

  1. SE Variation #2
  2. M-4 (Motif #1 variation)
  3. M-23 (excerpts from M-9)
  4. SE Variation #1
  5. M-7 Jazz Sextet
  6. M-8 (Motif #1 variation)
  7. M-9 (Motif #2 variation)
  8. M-11 (Motif #1 variation)
  9. M-12 (Motif #2 variation) "Candly" Jazz Piano Trio
  10. M-13 Jazz Trio
  11. M-14 (Minami Piano Solo #1)
  12. M-15 (Motif #1 variation)
  13. M-16 part.1
  14. M-16 part.2
  15. M-17 (Motif #1 variation)
  16. M-20 (Suzuki Guitar Solo #1)
  17. M-18 part.1 (Motif #1 variation)
  18. M-18 part.2 (Motif #1 variation)
  19. M-19 (Minami Piano Solo #2)
  20. M-21 (Motif #3 variation)
  21. M-22 (Minami Piano Solo #3)
  22. M-23
  23. "My Foolish Heart"
  24. M-25 (Motif #1 variation)
  25. Closing Theme Long Version "Wait Until Dark"
  26. "Happy X'mas (War Is Over)"
  27. "Closing Velvets"
  28. "Wait Until Dark" (Tribute to Benny More)