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Title: Ultra Anthology:
The World Of Tsuburaya Pro
CD Label: BMG Victor / Fun House
CD Number: FHCF-2226~7
Music by: Various
Number of tracks: Disc 1 - 30
Disc 2 - 26
Running time: ????
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: March 25, 1995


February 10, 2006

I do not own a copy of this CD and can find very little info on the internet about it. I do know it is still available for purchase at several sites for approx. $28.00 US. If anyone has this CD and wants to send me the running times of the discs, wants to send me a review for this CD or send me a CD-R to review for the site, please email me.

I don't remember who originally sent me the scan of the cover and back. I apologize for taking so long to get it up on the site.

Title: Ultra Anthology: The World Of Tsuburaya Pro
Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

    Disc 1 : 1966-71

  1. ULTRA Q Main Title (1966, 28 episodes)
  2. ULTRA Q theme (mono)
  3. ULTRAMAN song (1966 39 episodes)
  4. Special Search Squad song
  5. Advance, Ultraman!
  6. NICE BEAST BOOSKA (1966-7, 47 episodes, a series for younger children)
  7. Cheerful Booska
  8. ULTRA SEVEN song (1967 49 episodes)
  9. Ultraguard Team song
  10. Ultra Seven
  11. MIGHTY JACK song (1968, 13 episodes. Mighty Jack was the superspy team’s vessel. The sequel was TATAKAE MIGHTY JACK! [FIGHT, MIGHTY JACK!], 1968, 26 episodes)
  12. Advance, Mighty Jack
  13. Mighty Jack song
  14. Terror Town (GREAT MYSTERY MANEUVER) (1968, 26 episodes. This was more of an ULTRA Q series where the Scientific Research Institute investigated various cases. Their mini car was the “Tortoise”
  15. Mystery Song
  16. CHIBIRA-KUN (1970-71, 432 episodes. A 15 minute show for younger children following the success of BOOSKA. “kun” is an affectionate suffix for a male friend)
  17. Golba song (Golba was the rival of Chibira-kun)
  18. Admiral Gakinko Gaki (Chibira’s friend)
  19. Pochi Pochi song (Chibira’s pet)
  20. RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (1971-72, 51 episodes)
  21. MIRRORMAN song (1971, 51 episodes. Inspired by Jean Cocteau’s ORPHEE, 1950, Jack Finney’s ‘The Body Snatchers’ and the ABC series THE INVADERS, 1966)
  22. SGM song (Scientific Guard Members, the MIRRORMAN team)
  23. Fight, Mirrorman!
  24. Bonus tracks

  25. ULTRAMAN song (original karaoke)
  26. ULTRA SEVEN song (original karaoke)
  27. MIGHTY JACK song (original karaoke, mono)
  28. Terror Town (GREAT MYSTERY MANEUVER, original karaoke)
  29. CHIBIRA-KUN (original karaoke)
  30. RETURN OF ULTRAMAN (original karaoke)
  31. MIRRORMAN song (original karaoke)

    Disc 2:1972 - 1977

  1. ULTRAMAN ACE (1972, 52 episodes)
  2. TAC song (Terrible monster Attacking Crew, the ACE team)
  3. REDMAN (1972, a 5 minute segment of OHAYO! KODOMOSHO [GOOD MORNING! CHILDREN SHOW], a wrestling bout between Redman and monsters in the style of ULTRA FIGHT)
  4. TRIPLE FIGHTER song (1972, 26 episodes)
  5. Triple Fighter Vow
  6. EMERGENCY ORDER 10-4 10-10 (1972, 26 episodes, the title refers to amateur, or ham, radio)
  7. FIREMAN (1973, 30 episodes, aka Magma Man; this was Tsuburaya Pro's 10th anniversary show)
  8. SAF Launch (Scientific Attack Force)
  9. Jumborg Ace (1973, 50 episodes; the name is from "Giant + Cyborg")
  10. Attack, Jumborg 9 (the second of the show's cyborgs)
  11. ULTRAMAN TARO (1973, 53 episodes)
  12. 6 Ultra Brothers
  13. ULTRAMAN LEO (1974, 51 episodes)
  14. Attack, Ultraman Leo!
  15. TIME OF THE APES (1974-75, 26 episodes, this is the title familiar to MST3K viewers, the literal translation of SARU NO GUNDAN is ARMY OF THE APES)
  16. Attack, Aizenborg! (DINOSAUR WAR AIZENBORG, 1977, 38 episodes)
  17. Brother & Sister Vow the Tachibana siblings, the pilots of The Izen 1 were animated characters, the miniatures, dinosaurs and giant hero were live action, in the manner of DINOSAUR EXPLORATION TEAM BORN FREE, 1976)
  18. Bonus tracks

  19. ULTRAMAN ACE (original karaoke)
  20. REDMAN (original karaoke)
  21. TRIPLE FIGHTER (original karaoke)
  22. EMERGENCY ORDER 10-4 10-10 (original karaoke)
  23. FIREMAN (original karaoke)
  24. JUMBORG ACE (original karaoke)
  25. ULTRAMAN TARO (original karaoke)
  26. ULTRAMAN LEO (original karaoke)
  27. Attack, Ultraman Leo! (original karaoke)