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All info and scans courtesy of David Hirsch

Title Virus
Japanese Title Fukkaysu no hi
CD Label Nippon Columbia
CD Number FJCM-011
Music by: Teo Macero
Featured Performers: Janis Ian
Chick Corea
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Larry Coryell
Jon Faddis
David Sanborn
Dave Valentin
Kazumi Watanabe
Number of tracks 10
Running time 49:30
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture January 19, 2011
Year of Movie Released in Japan June 26, 1980
Year of Movie Released in U.S. 1980 (Pay TV)


April 01, 2011

Review courtesy of David Hirsch

I was really looking forward to the release of this long out-of-print soundtrack. Before BCI home video included the uncut version of the film in their “Sonny Chiba Action Pack” (along with the uncut “Bullet Train”) back in 2006, I had purchased the two disc DVD set from Japan. That’s how good I think the movie is. If you’ve only seen the heavily edited U.S. TV cut (available on cheap DVD), then you’ve only seen a truncated version that’s missing much of the real drama, in particular the death of humanity personified by the staff of a Japanese hospital. That said, it was a no brainer for me to pre-order the CD. Boy was I wrong. This was not really an original soundtrack, but more a “Music from and inspired by” album. Only 3 tracks here actually appear in the film, Janis Ian’s main title theme “You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Cher),” the instrumental version (used frequently throughout), and the album’s only score piece, Yoshizumi’s lonely trek through Machu Picchu in the finale, “Adieu, Mon Amour.” The rest of this reissue (which duplicates the original LP release in a mini cardboard sleeve) consists of another Janis Ian song, unused in the film, and six jazz pieces more suitable for an inner city cop drama than this epic end of the world saga. If any of these cues are based on themes for the film, it’s impossible to say. Only fans looking for rare tracks by Ian, or jazz performers David Sanborn and Chick Corea may find this album of interest. All others should beware.


  1. Adieu, Mon Amour (5:00) London Philharmonic Orchestra
  2. You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Cher) (4:21) Janis Ian
  3. Love Sweet Love (6:27) Dave Valentin, Larry Coryell, David Sanborn
  4. Bedroom (3:59) Chick Corea
  5. Sweet Truth (4:46) George Young, Dave Valentin
  6. You Are Love (Toujours Gai Mon Cher) (3:23) I Love New York Strings Section
  7. Mm88 (8:08) Kazumi Watanabi, David Sanborn, Jon Faddis
  8. Marit (4:56) George Young, Kazumi Watanabi
  9. Struggle Is My Name (5:05) Kazumi Watanabi, Dave Valentin
  10. All To You (3:19) Janis Ian