2004 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ultraman Symphony Concert
CD Label Forte Music Entertainment Inc.
CD Number FMCC-5008/9
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 7
Disc 2 - 11
Running time Disc 1 - 42:44
Disc 2 - 64:29
Number of discs 2
Recorded: Suntory Hall 7/28/1993
Year of release/manufacture 11-21-1993


Updated January 17, 2005
Review courtesy of Robert Storch who also provided all the information here

This is a very rare 2-CD set from 1993 and trying to find out any information on it has been almost impossible whenever I search the web. It seems to be the only other source available that contains the complete score for "Ultraman Great" - another hard to find CD from 1992 (COCC-9745) located elsewhere on this site. While the music for that CD seems to have been recorded in a studio (or a hall), the "Ultraman Great" suite presented here was performed live in concert, but still contains the exact same tracks as the other disc. The conductor of the 1992 CD, Patrick Thomas, may be the same person who conducts the Ultraman Great Suite on this 2-CD set since there is a photo of him in the booklet, but I can't be 100 percent sure. I am not too familiar with the other Ultraman themes that are performed here, but there is a lot of variety and a number of vocal tracks on Disc 2. The music and performance on this release is very good and I can highly recommend it for anyone who wants to hear Ultraman music performed live in concert. Also, for anyone who has been trying to find the music from "Ultraman Great" and gets a chance to buy one of these rare CDs - pick it up fast, both are long out of print!

Translations courtesy of Jolyon yates
(The CD cover gives track titles in English & Japanese. My translations of the Japanese titles are in parenthesis)

Disc 1

    Part 1 - ULTRAMAN GREAT Symphonic Suite
  1. Prelude (Prelude)
  2. Ultraman Towards the Future (Silver Giant)
  3. The War of Deities (The War of Deities)
  4. Jean Echo (Love Controller)
  5. The Sword of Wisdom (Challenge to The Unknown)
  6. The Wriggling for Cataclysm (Wriggling for Cataclysm)
    The Japanese title can be read as "Writhing about causing Collapse"
  7. Ultraman Legend (Eternal Hero)

Disc 2

    Part 2 ULTRA COSMO Symphony
  1. 1st Movement: Beyond The Sun
  2. 2nd Movement:Bathe in Light
  3. 3rd Movement: From Darkness' Abyss
  4. 4th Movement: Brilliant Ring
  5. Part 3 Tsuburaya Productions

  6. Mighty Jack song
  7. Ultraman USA
  8. Fighting Earth Defence Force wunderbar medley:
    • ULTRA SEVEN: Ultra Seven
    • RETURN OF ULTRAMAN: MAT (Monster Attack Team)
    • ULTRAMAN LEO: Wunderbar MAC (Monster Attacking Crew)
    • ULTRAMAN ACE: TAC Song (Terrible monster Attacking Crew)
  9. VICTORIOUS SOLDIERS Theme Song 'Silver Boys'
  11. Ultraman - Love For Children
  12. ULTRAMAN Theme Song 'Ultraman Song'