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Title Works By Akira Ifukube 3
CD Label Fontec
CD Number FOCD3144
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 4
Running time 50:35
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1991


December 29, 2003

This disc is the original 1991 release that was later re-released in 1996 as FOCD-9088 located elsewhere on this site.

This CD while sounding good did not appeal to me as much as Vol. 1 & 2 of this series. If you like classical guitar music then you would most likely enjoy this CD.

Tracks 1 through 3 are guitar music that is mostly mid tempo. It's very enjoyable but for me got a bit tiresome after awhile. Track 4 sounds similar but is played on a lute rather than a guitar.

I enjoyed Vol. 1 & 2 of this series much better than this Vol. 3. The disc was enjoyable but without other instrumentation started sounding somewhat repititious and was getting on my nerves. The music would be fine in smaller doses but almost an hour straight was too much for me.

English Title: Works By Akira Ifukube 3
Recorded March 26 & April 9, 1985 at St. Gregorian House Betty 2nd Studio
by The New Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maki Ishii

    Guitar by Yoh Nishimura on tracks 1-3

  1. TOKA, Cantilena Ballabile sul Mode Antico di Giappone (1967)
  2. TOCCATA per Chitarra (1970)
  3. KUGOKA, Aria Concertata di KUGO-Arpa (1969)
  4. Baroque Lute by Deborah Minkin on track 4

  5. FANTASIA for Baroque Lute (1980)